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  1. wrdale

    2001 Kx 125

    The larger gear that connects directly to the linkage arm..
  2. wrdale

    2001 Kx 125

    Does anyone know hoe to align the power valve gears. There is a dot on one of the gears and not the other..HELP???
  3. I have a yoshi TRS ti exhaust system available at a bargain price that was on a 2003 YZF 250. Will this system bolt on the 2003 WR 250 ? Thanks
  4. wrdale

    ? fell over in the river today

    I drove my WR right into a little 5 foot deep ditch (Full of Water). I changed the oil filter, cleaned the screen in the frame resovoir, changed the plug, air filter, cleaned the carb and flushed out the coolant system. This happened about a year ago, no problems since.