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    Ciao from Italy

    Ciao RC30 O non ti bastava XRItalia pure quà li ammorbi con i grammi/libre, comunque bel lavoro complimenti. Bye from Lorexxx di XR-Italia Lorenzo of thumpertalk
  2. Hi The XR650L original Keihin carburator is a pumper carb ? if yes can the pump be adjusted ? Thanks Lorenzo
  3. Thaks to all The choke I am sure is not, I have an Edelbrock carb. The strange think is that the engine sound very good, no strange noise. Are the clutch plate made with a kind of synthetic material including metal ? The pieces of metal that I found are very very small and they were in the crankcase not in the oil filter. Bye Lorenzo
  4. No I am not, I just worm up the bike on the side stand. How is that possible I use the bike with the white glover, is the crankshaft made with butter ? Lorenzo
  5. Hi The bike is an 2004, and I have runned up today 14.000 miles mostly on-road. The clutch seems to be ok. Thanks Lorenzo
  6. Hi to Everybody I am new in this forum I have recently change the engin oil, and at the drain I have found small and (around 1mm) curled pieces of (look like) bronze/copper. I have never runned the bike with low oil level and always changed at low milage, actually the engin dosent noise bad and seems to me that nothink is changed. What can be happen ? from where this metal is coming ? Thanks Lorenzo