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    SMR510... what is your opinion?

    Hi, I also am looking at the 06 husky 510 and the 610. I sat on the 450 a few days ago and really liked the feel, and overall quality of the bike. Someone said they dont have a steering lock, The 06 450 had one on it and I would guess the 510 has one also. I am really leaning to the 510 because the oil changes and valve adj. do not bother me and it has the look and performance I want. Why was it brought up if it was going to be in the garage if it was raining out?? As I could possibly get stuck in the rain. I recently spoke to a guy in my area and he said he can cruise 65 to 70 mph on his 05 510, thats good enough for me. Who wants to be on the highway for any length of time? I was wondering how well the head light works on the 06 450/510? The guy I spoke with has the 05 and he said his is not good his did not have high beams. The 06's have high beams. This is just some info I have aquired in hopes of me making my mind up also. Please let us know of any pros and cons of the 450 or 510, as they are pretty much the same bike. Thanks in advance.