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  1. mxer829

    06 CRF450 is Very Hard to Kick Over!!!

    I just found some other threads that say the cam is probably offa tooth. Ill give that a shot tomorrow morning.
  2. So I just rebuilt my 06 crf450. I installed a new wiesco high comp piston along with new S.S. Ferrea valves. I did have it running at one point today and it sounded and ran great. The problem is that it feels like a 500cc 2 stroke when I try to kick it over. I know something is up because there is no way a high comp piston and stiffer valve springs coulc cause that, or could they? I mean it is HARD to kick over! The decomp is adjusted to .630 mm and the intake valves are at .180 mm and exhaust are .280 mm. Any ideas or suggestions?
  3. Ok, so I have a 2004 YFZ450 (I know, its a quad and this is a mx fourm but its for the girlfriend and I need help badly). I cant get the engine to run with just the stock battery power, I need to jump start it with a car. I've bought a new battery and it been charged and tested. I also bought a new starter but I'm not sure how to test that... The quad does run very well once I get it started also, it just needs to be pull started or jumped from a car. How will I know if the auto decomp is working properly and could it be bad? Whenever there is pressure on the pin (in the cam), the "arm" (that moves outwards as the RPM's go up) is hard to move at first. Once I put enough pressure to move it, there is a "click", like pin was stuck, but this is only when there is pressure on the pin as it would be when holding the valve open. When there isn’t any pressure on the pin everything moves freely. Is this normal? When I press the starter button, there is a large draw on the battery. It moves from 12.8 volts to the high 9's or low 10's. After the initial crank the volts level back out at about 11. I just checked the valves and they are in spec (intake clearance is .125-.150 and exhaust is .203 on both sides). Any ideas?
  4. So I just bought a 05 yfz450 yesterday. First thing I did was change the oil and I noticed that the reservoir was almost filled with oil! I thought nothing of it and blamed the old owner of not knowing what he was doing. Well, I just changed the oil myself (50oz in reservoir and 10oz in case) and after a 10 minute ride I noticed that the reservoir is almost full again! Why would this happen? Did I do something wrong?
  5. Has anybody used this combo? Its time to replace the valves/springs in my ride but the $220 spring kit is a bit too pricey for me. My concern is that the stock springs in a 06 crf450 were designed for Ti valves and not the S.S. valves. Will this be a problem? I'm not set on WISECO valves so if you have any brand recommendations I would like to hear them! Thanks!
  6. mxer829

    Clair County Snow Report?

    Does anybody know how much snow Clair county has right now, or where I could find that information out at? Thanks
  7. Wheres a good place to get a cylinder sleeved (other than LA sleeve)?
  8. Has anybody ever tried using this HMF QUITE CORE/SPARK ARRESTOR on a crf450 (it says it fits a trx450)? http://www.jcwhitney.com/End-Caps-Spark-Arrestors-Re-Packing-Kits/GP_2014841_N_111+2006+200008248+600018481_10113.jcw I’m going to hit the trail for the first time in my life and I don’t want to spend much on a spark arrestor because I’m too busy racing to ride trails. Do you think it would work?
  9. mxer829

    How to handle double lipped jumps?

    I think hes looking for better advice than that... Hit it with the power on. As long as your bike is still pulling it shouldnt mess with you too much.
  10. mxer829

    Honda Starter problem?

    I have a trx300 and the starter on it stopped working (at least I think it’s the starter). When I press the start button in makes a “clunk” noise and that’s it. I tried charging the battery a bit but that doesn’t help at all, can anyone think of something else I could try before I replace the starter?
  11. mxer829

    This is for my boy B-tang

    Would it be insensitive of me to ask why he was riding without a helmet standing on the seat and let his arms off the bars? Sorry for you loss though.
  12. Not a chick or a motorcycle but its still one ugly SOB
  13. mxer829

    Spleen question

    yeah the "clotted" it so it wouldnt bleed any more. Its still in there thats for sure.
  14. mxer829

    Spleen question

    I had a crash a few weeks ago and dislocated my shoulder, ruptured my spleen, and received a concussion. My question to you is about my spleen. It wasn’t bad enough for the doctors to remove it but they did embolise it. Now when I take my next big crash, am I much more likely to damage my spleen even more? I know it can be a life threatening injury due to blood loss and of course I don’t want to die. If my risk of dieing is much greater after my injury, I might have to rethink my whole MX “career”.
  15. Does anybody know where I can find a list of past loretta lynns champions?