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  1. I have had my 410 electric start (happy-button) for 3 yrs now and it still puts a smile on my face. Loads of torque and easy to ride fast hour after hour. Bullet proof.
  2. Fitted an 2 into 1 race system and no melted plastics and in fact sounds great and more power, great system no problems. (2000 Te410 elec)
  3. Hi Guys - I also own a Te410e (2000) and have changed the gearing to a 50 rear and kept the 14 front. I have also derestricted the air box and fitted a 2 into 1 exhaust and with just a small blip on the throttle you will find the front end climbing skywards. Good luck. PS I originally derestricted the original twin pipes with no great power differance.
  4. Yea its a TE410. Twin pipes come standard, great dual sport bike, shed-loads of torque and quick and easy to ride. 10/10
  5. Hey True Brit - I ride a 2000 TE410 (with happy button). Due to my size (6ft4" and 105kg) i ride the 410 real hard off road. I have never had any problems of any sort, but do an oil change every 5hrs riding and air filter after every ride. She is smooth with buckets loads of torque. After 2hrs of racing my 2stroke mates are shattered and complaining, i still feel pretty fresh due to the easy power delivery and stable handeling. However the Husky does feel a little heavy and lazy to turn in the tight stuff. But as soon as the trail opens-up, its thumper power heaven. Hope this helps. Cheers and good luck.
  6. Hi guys - I ride a TE410 real hard with S12 front and rear in the wettest conditions here in the UK. With the extreemly wet winters and water crossings in the forests up to the pegs there is nothing to compare with the S12`s
  7. West Country (Devon) some fantastic forest rides out this way.
  8. Hey Andrew - I have just purchased a CD Rom manual via "E-Bay" for £3.50 which includes the Te410 as well as the Te610 - hope this helps..