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  1. tsispyder

    Undertail Eliminator

    or you can scrounge around a motorcycle junkyard, find a 636 plate nad light combo, make a small piece of sheetmetal, and bolt on just like i did.
  2. tsispyder

    anyone have a speedo bulb go?

    heh and notice the nice buell key next to it lol
  3. tsispyder

    anyone have a speedo bulb go?

    take the bulb out, go to autozone nad get this package i had it go out the 2nd day i had mine
  4. tsispyder

    oil cooler

    hell no 11,000+ price tag
  5. tsispyder

    New to the forum - DR200 SE performance mods

    i have a dr650 for ya lol
  6. tsispyder

    oil cooler

    heh i thin ki am, another guy just put a deposit down!!! buell here i come
  7. tsispyder

    oil cooler

    im dead serious, dude is trippin cause he had a gixxer that had one, and it ruptured
  8. tsispyder

    oil cooler

    Anyone have an oil cooler laying around i can buy? mine has a small ass ding in it, and hte guy that is looking at my bike doesnt want it
  9. tsispyder

    Perpetual dirty carb

    or why not go out and crank it every couple days
  10. tsispyder

    DR650 SE Kick Starter

    its the truth. I did it yesterday cause i left the key on by accident
  11. It was a 90 mile each way trek to the nearest HD dealer Im looking at a Buell motorcycle. For more info on that read otherwise skip down Buell info- I realized very quick, the dealer is an idiot, they wanted 8800 out the door for a 2003 xb9s lightning when an 06 is liek 9200. So i have found 4 used buells, all aorund 4,000-5,000. All S1 lightnings, 1200 CC vtwin harley engines. One is really sexy with black plastic adn a bright blue frame and wheels. soooo sexy. think that but black instead of red and another red 2000 X1 lightning that is red with a polished rear section, and a blue 98 s1 lightning and another all balck s1 lightning....but on to the riding stuff Riding stuff!! So, as some know, i switched out my bridegstone trailwings, for bridgestone battlax tires with a 150 wide rear tire. I must say that it is the smoothest ride i have ever had on this bike. It rides ALMOST as smoothe as a cruiser (rode a honda shadow also for a lil bit) Very impressive, and i dragged pegs off a few offramps which made me happy. Who says you have to have a 17 inch front tire? Neverthelesss, i always had the power i needed (completely stock) and learned how to wheelie today also, fun stuff. Hopefully monday my bike will be sold for 3500 and ill get my buell tuesday!!
  12. tsispyder

    DR650 SE Kick Starter

    your a liar, i had to push start my bike yseterday and did it in 2nd gear
  13. tsispyder

    cutting a stock kickstand

    and a random shot of my bike lol
  14. tsispyder

    cutting a stock kickstand

    lol. ill go do it real quick one sec
  15. tsispyder

    Sm List

    forgot suki drz400sm