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  1. The only thing funny about that is the signs of decline in our educational system.
  2. I have the Pro Circuit and it is pretty loud, but I love it! Good power!
  3. Contact about their scratch and dent sale. I got a beautiful set of black rims off of ebay from them. To my amazement, no scratches. the logo on the rim was faded. that was all.
  4. You need to go to planet minis or 50 riders. They have a lot of pages to look at. The exhaust and air box mods are the way to go before you start spending real money.
  5. It looks like the wrist pin bearing comes in the new rod, on the crank schematic
  6. I'm not looking to jump big gaps or trying to race, I just want to make sure my fat a$$ doesn't buckle the forks if I get more than 6 inches off the ground. I don't want to do any fab work to get parts to fit when I can have the parts I have rebuilt revalved or whatever. I do know the value of really good suspension from my road racing days but this is my play bike for now. I'm not ready to throw huge cash at it yet.
  7. What is so bad about the stock KLX110 forks? Wouldn't the spring kit dampening rods and maybe a valve kit make them more user friendly? On a side note, I just won a KLX110 from Monster Energy. It should have a Procircuit pipe on it and I would hope a little carb work. I am just under 200 lbs, so suspension will have to be my first order of business.