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  1. What would i have to do other than a new brake caliper to get a set of forks from a 2006 yamaha yz250f to fit on a 2004 yamaha yz250f? are the clamps even the right size?
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    Fuel Fuel Fuel!!

    I have had the oppertunity to do some dyno testing with my crf 50 witch has an high compression 88kit i foung that all gas makes about the same power and i am a beliver that you should run the cheapest fuel you can get away with. all the other stuff is just a waste of money. the only reason that you would need to run a higher octane would be to eliminate pinging. i normaly run a 50/50 mix of c12 and 91 octane pump gas and it works great. i was in the desert about a month ago and i ran out of gas all together. i tried to run 91 octane pump gas in my bike and it pings so loud that it sounds like its going to fall abart. Once again i have to reccomend that if you can get away with pump gas you should run it. if not you are in a situatuin with me and must mix 50/50 (c12&91 octane pump gas)