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  1. Michigan

    It sounds like most areas are under water.... I was thinking about heading up to ride this weekend with my son. Anybody know what Little Manistee or Tin Cup is like right now? First ride of the year for us! ( Thanks....
  2. Again, thanks for the replies... Tested the kill switch, it reads open, then shorted when I press the button- all is good there. Primary ignition coil resistance was .5 to .6 ohms- a bit high, but not too worried about those numbers. Secondary ignition coil read 10.9K- manual says 5.4-7.4k is normal. Could anything else be affected this? (ambient is 60 degrees) I'm reading from the sparkplug cap to the the ground lug on the coil...
  3. Carb cleaned, no surprises... it was clean. Spark plug changed (again) to an Iridium plug, tank drained -another batch of fresh premix. Airscrew at 1.5 turns out, idle screw has the slide lifted about 1/8 to 3/16 ths of an inch. She still won't start. I can hear light pinging noises in the pipe, like she's trying to fire.... Electrical or top end? This is kind of irritating on a bike with maybe 5-6 hours on it. I'm thinking I'm gonna need a service manual... Edit: Manual downloaded.....Just back from Autozone with a compression tester I bought... the cylinder tests at 115 PSI cold. 109 is the lower limit. (The manual says to run the motor to warm everything up before this test...)
  4. Thanks for the replies! I'll tear into the carb this weekend.... I'd like to check float height, but I don't have a fancy measuring stick. Any good backyard tricks to making sure the float height is right?
  5. Hey guys, Santa brought a new (09 leftover) for my son for Christmas. The first time I tried to start it, gas started leaking out of the carb overflow, and I could not start it. Took it back to the dealer... bad gas is what they said. Get it back, he gets two rides out of it (about 1.5 tanks) and we're right back to where we started... it died on him out in a field. I can't get this thing to start at all. Plug replaced, fresh batch of premix, nothing.... The bike is all stock, I'm at roughly 700' elevation, it's been roughly 70 deg. and stock jetting... I'm running 32:1 H1R oil. Anybody got a good starting point? I'm lost.... Thanks...
  6. Liked it... i before e, except after C, or when sounded like a, as in neighbor or weigh!!! Sorry... couldn't resist!
  7. Illinois

    Thanks.... Some good info to chew on and discuss with the boy!
  8. Illinois

    Hey guys... my son wants to start racing this coming year. I live in Lasalle Co, in northern IL. Are there any local MX series around? He's 8 and getting a KX 65 for Christmas. We usually ride at FVOR, but there doesn't seem to be a regular series there... I've tried searching here and the web, and I see all the different places to go (Joliet, Ki, Walnut, etc...), do they host their own series? Or are the race dates a traveling series? I guess I'm confused... anybody? Recommendations are welcome!
  9. Thanks for all the input guys... I'm looking forward to him getting the bike at Christmas. His 50 is gonna go down the road to a family (my son's friend) whose father is getting laid off.... it won't depreciate much in the year or so that family has it...It'll be nice to see two kids who might not have a great Christmas- be a little brighter! Thanks again for the help!
  10. Good info... thanks all. Anybody using the lowering links on their bikes? He sat on a KX65 with a 2" lowering link and it seemed to fit pretty good.. he's 72lbs and 52" tall... it was a bit tall, but, not too bad.
  11. Thanks for the reply all! He's going pretty good on his CRF50... I think it's time for the step-up. I guess I'm just worried (and shouldn't be probably) about the clutch... Nick, we usually ride at Fox Valley Off Road, which is near Wedron. I'd like to take him to try Ki, but don't know much about it..
  12. Hey all.... Just bought my boy (8), a new '09 KX 65.. I hope I can wait till Christmas... I wanna do the washer mod... any other good mods for a younger (less experienced) rider? Thanks...
  13. I have an 05 450... and roughly the same complaints. I have wondered, would a simple gearing change make it better for the road? It aways seemed way too high strung for road duty... (And the manual for that year says it's not intended to do that) I bought an 09 610 that makes fire road duty ALOT more enjoyable.....
  14. Good post Troy ... I am currently in the same boat as you. Fortunately my wife has a street legal DRZ, this opens up the option to start on forest roads and progress from there. Some good info in this thread!
  15. I'm not... but thanks for posting the pics and stuff...I just got a new 09 610. That set-up looks very sweet...