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  1. abe hillo

    what can we do to minimize the risks while racing in baja

    Juston how is the knee sorry i did not have my gear on to ride your bike to matas, next time all be more preperd, your Shamrock mc friend Abe hillo
  2. abe hillo

    Factory Baja 450x

    Again this bike is not" Stock" for $17,000 Scott Dunlevy at Berkley Honda can build you a baja race bike he is the 1X wrench for $30,000K you can have 1X just give him a call very nice guy.
  3. abe hillo

    Baja 1300

    some one said stock not even close i was in the honda bit and the bike was a 450 i cant say x are r just somthing me and you cant buy"
  4. abe hillo

    Who came from a WR450 and was it a good change?

    Hi there i have owend 05 and 06 wr just got 07 x keep your wr easier service and the motors are bullet proof " race tech can fix your susp. i have droped a lot of money on the honda to make it up to par for off road racing. hope this help you. Abe
  5. abe hillo

    WR450 For Baja?

    I own both o6wr and 03 650r for the long hall in baja there is only one bike to be on xr650 from the pits to honda support you can not beat it.