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  1. I know someone alredy said it but that is amazing. But! you have a sickness, I think I have it too.
  2. did I say I test for kawi, oh wait I ment... damt ment I test for suzuki. I'm rickeys twin brother that no one knew about too. lol I love the net
  3. bending metal just sounds like a really bad idea, if you do bend it and it works, cool. If you bend it and it breaks it will be a "learning" process
  4. I hope I'll be in the financial state to be able to buy one of these when they come out. it looks way better than the ktm and that thing is sexy too. can I have both?
  5. I haven't had anything done by him yet but he seems like and awesome guy and my bike is going to him next week. All my friends have had work done by him and he is talked about very highly.
  6. I have a 2005 rm 250 and I have never fouled a plug on it
  7. thanks all for the great ride today. it was fun and when I did get to the canyons I had a good quick paced ride. The only way I can get faster is to ride with people like "dirtslinger" so hopefully I can dip in on another one of those rides. thanks all, it was an awesome trip Mike, and how many people did I meet with the name Mike today??
  8. just past the hammock day use area I belive.
  9. All the fast riding scares me, I'll try to keep up. I guess all I have to do it talk the woman into letting me out of the house for the day. Sunday it is. What rigs am I looking for, where at? I have a NOR CAL silver tundra, maby someone has seen me out there before?
  10. I'd try to make it if a noob to your group can tag along. what kind of riding are you guys into?
  11. I live about a 25 min drive from croom and I wanted to find a shop to do my suspension. does anybody know of anybody good in the area? I have an rm 250 smoker. thanks for any help I'm looking for new springs valving an a general setup.
  12. I know I'm a day late and a buck short but in about 2 weeks from now I'm going to be back in the croom area so if someone wants a riding partner. I go to croom solo all the time and just aimlessly ridearound by myslef so I need someone to go riding with. I have a 250 smoker and I ride the back trails and hill climbs. if someone wants a riding partner pm me thanks .
  13. I don't know if you have them yet, but I'm still trying to find one here in fl. I haven't even found a msrp for it but not really concerned unless its too crazily expensive.
  14. Is this for real? it's pretty crazy looking but interesting, I like the SM for street use and you can still go off road a little but that is just weird.
  15. I've caught a lot of slack about being in the coast guard, how it isn't the "real" military, but I ride every weekend I'm off with my OIC (officer in charge) he loves it and he encourages it. one of my friends rode my bike the day after I got it while she was on duty at out station and broke her femur. She was out of work from Nov 3rd- Jan 10th. The coast guard picked up the bill and all she got was a page 7. She is an E-5, I'm and E-4 and my OIC is an E-7.