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  1. Tumppi82

    clearance in front sprocket-axle

    Ok thanks a lot for answers. I meant that countershaft has 30degree free play, but there is not big free play between countershaft and sprocket.
  2. Is it OK that I have ~30degrees clearance in my "front sprocket-axle" when the gear is on? I mean that when I try to rotate my front sprocket it turns about 25-30degrees before it stops. Bike is XR400 -97 I'm sorry about my bad english but hope you understand. And thanks for answers.
  3. Tumppi82

    Flywheelnut thread

    Hi. Can somebody tell me what is flywheel nut threads? I think that it is not m10x1.25... And the bike is Yamaha yz250f -02. Thanks for your answers.
  4. Tumppi82

    Dual Sported XR400, some ?????'s

    I have xr400 -97 and 15/40 sprockets. It's not "dragster" but front wheel jump to air with 2 gear without clutch. Max speed is ~160km/h and my tyres are Michelin Sirac. They are 50/50 road and forest. I change oil an filter every 500-1000km. I newer have any bigger problems with that bike. ps. I'm sorry about my English but I hope that you understand...