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  1. nosam27

    Water Pump Seal Went

    I noticed I had a little coolant coming out of the weephole on my KX450 as well. It is a very small amount and I have been told that is normal when riding in high temps (95+ degrees). Is this something to be concerned about to the point I should change the seals, or is this normal? Thanks.
  2. nosam27

    Sub frame moving ?

    Actually mine moved over to the left as well. I pulled the seat, fender and exhaust loose and tried to pry the subrame over and finally resorted to a sledge hammer. This helped, but the pipe still rubs the tire.
  3. nosam27

    Grease Your Linkage!

    When I took my tie rod off to grease it, I was shocked to see the needle bearings on the rocker arm end out of place. Upon further inspection I found the thin metal race that holds the bearings had one end damaged (looked ripped) and the 'nibs' on the ends of several of the needles broken off! I assume it was a defect from assembly - I can't imagine bearings moving on their own. Has anyone else experienced this?
  4. nosam27


    The easiest way to remove the front sprocket (with rear wheel, old rear sprocket and old chain STILL ON) is to put a prybar between the sprocket and swingarm to keep the chain and sprockets from spinning. The rear brakes won't hold well enough. I loosened my front sprocket with a flex-head 1/2 ratchet.
  5. nosam27

    '06 450F Reliability???

    I have right at 25 hours on mine and I checked the valves and they are still in spec. So far so good on everything else - although as others have mentioned my back fender had a piece chip off.
  6. Travis has probably forgotten more about racing than most of us even know. The fact that he can hop on a bike without much preparation and hang with some of the best in the world is impressive. I would like to see him stick with motorcycle racing just because I like to watch him ride. He has a great personality and always wears a smile. I definitely wouldn't say he is mediocre...he just chooses to spread his talents across several extreme sports.
  7. nosam27

    Correct sag setting.

    Just curious if there were any other smaller guys riding the KX450F and what changes have they made. I am 5'6", 130 lbs - novice motocross rider. I changed front and rear springs per Race Tech's specs. I am currently at 103 sag, but my free sag is over 50. Does anyone have input re: sag settings or front fork fluid level, fork positioning? Also I am running all clickers within one or two from stock settings. Thanks.
  8. nosam27

    Fuel screw

    Thanks for the picture. Does the carb need to be removed to install the Zip-Ty fuel screw?
  9. nosam27

    chain rubbing

    Mine rubs too...I am waiting on a new 49 tooth rear sprocket to put on my DID o-ring chain. I think it's just the junk stock chain stretching too fast.
  10. nosam27

    Fuel screw

    Can someone post a pic of where the fuelscrew goes? I haven't turned the carb sideways yet, but I can't see from where it is now. My Yamaha fuelscrew was close to the side and was pretty easy to swap out with the Zip-Ty.
  11. nosam27

    I just love posting... Dirty Seat?

    Powersports Cleaner (made by Simple Green) is the best I've found for cleaning the entire bike. Won't discolor aluminum either. Melts mud off the tires to make them look new. Be sure to follow the directions and wet the bike before spraying w/cleaner.
  12. nosam27

    kx85 crank bearing

    My son's 2005 KX85 started making a noise that I would describe as 'hollow' and seems to be coming from down low. It originally was only noticeable when sitting still as the idle came down. I had a few people at the track listen to it but no one could make a prediction. I replaced the top end, including wrist pin and bearing, and the rod felt fine on the crank. That didn't change the noise at all. A couple more rides and the sound is getting worse - even some vibration now. I took it to a local shop and they feel confident it's not a rod bearing. Oil has always been changed regularly and no metal whatsoever in it. The bike still runs fine. I have taken the clutches out and waterpump gears. All looks new. Crank bearing on right side appears fine, I haven't taken the flywheel off, but there isn't any play when I try to move the magneto. What next? Any suggestions are welcome.
  13. Once you have the shock assy off the bike (kx450) do you have to take the end off (above the rebound adj screw), or do you have to use a spring compressor. Any help would be appreciated - my bike is apart as I'm typing. Thanks.
  14. nosam27


    So where can you buy front & rear Sunstar sprockets for the '06 KX450f? I can't find them anywhere.
  15. nosam27

    KX450F Suspension Setup - 130lb rider

    My bike actually isn't terrible with the stock springs...I cased a triple the other day and was expecting to take a dirt sample, but the suspension soaked it up! I ordered .42 fork springs and 5.0 shock spring. The bike should sit a little lower and be plusher. I don't plan on revalving... Have you moved your forks in the triple clamps at all?