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    Kickstart kit

    FYI the kickstart kit is not available in the UK, so you would have to get it from the States and pay shipping,VAT and import duty
  2. Kurtt

    S versus E - advice needed

    Thanks for the replies. Getting an E registered isn't a problem for me luckily. SEems to me that the S boys try to make the bike a bit more like an E, while the E boys need some of the S refinements (generally speaking). I'm pretty set on the E now so I think it's time to go shopping! Cheers, Kurt
  3. After a good 10 years away from dirt bikes I've decided to get myself a new toy, and the DRZ fits the bill pretty well. However I have a bit of a dilemma. In order to get this past the missus my bike has to be practical, as well as a toy for me. This means that it will have to fulfil commuter duties for at least 2 out of every 4 weeks, travelling about 50 miles round trip per day in these 2 weeks. However I have miles of green lanes easily accessible to me which is really why I want the bike and so the E is the model that appeals to me most, although clearly the S if a much more road oriented bike. Any opinions or advice would be gratefully recieved Thanks Kurt