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  1. jermy01

    New to xr600 electrical help

    Yes, a manual is on order. Thanks for the input. I was thinking the cyclops bulb is the way to go.
  2. Hey, just read your excellent write upon the FCR carb in the xr600.

    Do you still have the.stl file for yourcustom boot? Will u share?

    Email is jermhocky@yahoo.com

    Also, what material have you been using? Just regular pla?

    Thanks again


  3. jermy01

    New to xr600 electrical help

    So I have done further research and picking around the bike and answered some of my own questions. The wiring appears to be from a Baja design kit, as the colors match their wiring diagram on their website for their general kick start kit and there are various BD parts. Then for whatever reason someone put on acerbis lights front and rear. The stator only had 3wires coming off, so I'm assuming it had stock stator. I guess what I need to do now is find the led light I want, hook it up, turn it on, them make sure I'm getting enough voltage to charge the battery. If I'm not getting enough juice, I need to rewind. Does that sound about right?
  4. Hello, I just picked up a 96 xr600 this weekend! After riding home with the sun going down, I quickly realized I wanted more headlight. I believe it has the acerbis dhh halogen headlight and just isn't enough. So then my research lead me LED replacements and AC and DC circuits and stators and all that good stuff. I think I have a general understanding of it all, But just a few questions. Looking in the airbox, is that silver thing with fins the rectifier? It has Baja designs logo on it. What's the black box just forward of the silver one? I notice there is a battery, the previous owner didn't even know it had a battery (he didn't have the bike real long) where do I get a battery pack like that? How do I know if someone put in a rewound stator? Anything else I should know about this before I start changing lights out? Additionally, the bike has an FCR carb. It is mounted in the bike crooked (top towards left hand side of bike) because the frame is in the way. Is that proper? Or are there different manifolds I can use to get it straight up and down. Thanks for your help Jeremy
  5. hello. So last time i went riding i noticed there was oil on my right boot. So i drove back to the truck, loaded up and went home. Anyways, so i checked it out and noticed there were two little holes in my clutch cover. One at the top left corner of the Y and one at the bottom right corner of the last A in yamaha. It looks like the letters were bulged out also? Is this common? im obviously gonna take a look inside when i get a chance to make sure everything in there is ok. but if everything looks ok, and i just replace the cover, is this going to happen again? Thanks
  6. jermy01

    non stock front axle help yz426

    i got it....liquid wrench soaked in, channel locked it, and hit it w/ the impact gun. Thanks guys
  7. jermy01

    non stock front axle help yz426

    ya, i tried channel locks, but it still doesn't want to come off. just spins in the "nut" I'll try soaking it in liquid wrench over night and try again tomorow
  8. jermy01

    non stock front axle help yz426

    anyone?!?!? any ideas are better than none
  9. obiously the previous owner changed my front axle. I cant seen to see why the axle wont come out. The "axle nut" on the disk brake side is round, so how the heck am i supposed to get it off? any ideas? anyone seen this before? thanks for your help -Jeremy
  10. jermy01

    "Blind Jump" Questions

    i think downhill jumps were the hardest for me to get my confidence up in......once i actually did one, it seemed easier to do than most jumps, but you are going a hell of a lot faster especially with gravity pulling you into the landing
  11. jermy01

    Your first MX race

    ughhhh......not going to be able to make the race tomorow.....my jeep mastercylinder decided to take a $hit on me, and doesn't stop very fast at all....im surprised i didn't kill any one on the way home. i have a new one coming tomorow morning, but not early enough, so next month i guess......
  12. jermy01

    Your first MX race

    alright guys, im going to try and race the 250 beginner class this saturday at the piru track. i have only been on the track 5 times and this is the only track ive ever ridden (just got into mx from trail riding). i am moving up to san luis obispo next week so i wanted to try a race before i moved. i am not planning on getting 1st or anything, i am just hoping to have a fun time....i love being in competition and hopefully there will be someone my level i can have some fun with during the race. anyways, i wanna know about your first MX race....all the good details.....how many times you got lapped.....how many times you went down......or the "i got first place my first race." ill post saturday night on what happens to me.....wish me luck
  13. jermy01

    big air no bike PAIN!

    might explain his chipped tooth
  14. jermy01

    piru mx tomorow

    just wondering if anyones gonna be at piru tomorrow (mothers day)....i need some help with cornering. i also noticed they have a race on saturday, i would like to try the begginner class, but would like some advice on how good they are.....i can do all the jumps except the table in the front, just need to get the inside cornering down......also wondering how late in the day the races go til. thanks
  15. those crazy germans......."tacatacatacatacataca" when the guy is giong down the stairs.....i cracked up