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  1. tyesai

    Elbow Pads

    I have the 661 elbow pads and I hate them only because the elastic cuts into my bicep and restricts blood flow so my hands go numb pretty quick. Most of the time I just were my pressure suit though wich is alot more comfortable than than it looks.
  2. tyesai

    Tyler Evans

    Don't hate the player, hate the game. In the end it is all about the money and the Mulisha camp knows how to bring it in without being #1. They are good at what they do.
  3. tyesai

    Numberplate background/number colors ???

    BS is two letters, not to words.
  4. tyesai

    How do you spin?

    I'll never gripe about the rocks in central Arkansas again.
  5. tyesai

    Numberplate background/number colors ???

    I'm not in N.J. and god help me I never will be. That said the colors and backgrounds don't mean anything. Pick whatever you like and can afford and get it. On my Honda I have red background black numbers, it looks nice.
  6. tyesai

    joe rocket ballistic !

    I have a Joe Rocket Ballistic Series XL, in the Black an Blue colors that I will sell for $100 plus shipping. It is the textile version and a few years old, but has only seen about 3,000 riding miles, like new. I can send pics if you are interested. I also have some sweet Alpinestar gloves size ten $225 new and some Sidi Vertebrae boots size ten $200ish new and a bad ass Shoei helmet I paid $450 new size large, that I would like to unload. I would sell everything for $400 just to get rid of it paid around a grand. I don't think I will ever go back to the street.
  7. I love my Tech 8's and that is good info, to bad they sponsor Alessi.
  8. tyesai

    upper body protection?

    I love my 661, it will rub on the nips a little, but anything will so just band aid them up, that is what I am going to start doing. I love the thing, it can be warm in the summer but if you don't wear a jersey over it it isn't that bad, and I live in Central Arkansas so it is hot and humdid here. In the winter, just wear something under and over it and you would be good to go. It offers tons of protection, Central Arkansas is nasty rocky and I have taken a few low speed spills that would have at least bruised me up if I wasn't wearing it.
  9. tyesai

    confused beginner needs help!!!!!

    You will get it, just ride. I have so many problems with riding but slowly over the last year they are starting to dwindle down, and I don't even get to ride every week, maybe every other with the occasional month long drought in between. The biggest thing is just relaxing as it seems you don't really ride these bikes as you do point them and hold on. They kick and slide and move all around, once you get used to it it will be second nature.
  10. tyesai

    hill climbs

    What helped me the most so far was not to think about it as a hill but a flat piece of ground, most of the time if you just look at what you are about to go up as flat ground and think how you would pick your line and then just do it. Sometimes I stand, sometimes I sit, just depends on what is going on. The worst thing is if you stop, it doesn't take much of an incline with some leaves and loose rocks on it to make it hard to get going again. Some of the best advice I have heard so far is that if you don't think you are going to make it QUIT EARLY and back down and get a better run at the thing. It is alot easier ususally to stop at the bottom fourth of the hill and make another run if things aren't going your way then to make it nine tenths of the way to the top of a nasty hill and not be able to get going again and then have to bulldog back down the hill or at least till you get to a spot to remount and maybe try again. Hills to a point are mostly mental, that is what I am learning. Things that look hard once you get going on them suddenly aren't so bad. Good luck and have fun.
  11. tyesai

    alessi controversy at the bercy sx

    I would bet a considerable sum of money that little Mikey isn't just an innocent victim and if he is Karma's a real bitch. That crap he pulled with Hot Sauce was ridiculous, I still don't think what the AMA did was enough.
  12. tyesai

    What Tricks can you do?

    I can pee on my wife in the shower without her knowing it. Is that a trick?
  13. tyesai

    Casing simple double, over and OVER

    Knowing when to quit will keep you healthy. Ya gotta know your limitations.
  14. I use PJ-1 but I think more important than lubing the chain is just to keep it clean so it doesn't corrode while it is sitting there. It isn't like a street bike chain that can stay mostly clean all day, 15 seconds into your ride it is filthy and I don't really think that at that point it is doing much good. If you have an o-ring chain you don't really need to lube it at all. Clean it in kerosene and wipe it off thoroughly, the kereosene is oily enough that it helps keep it from corroding and wipes off well. Just MHO
  15. tyesai

    Learnining Curve

    Kudo's on your first race, it takes a lot of guts to go the first time.