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  1. IaMnOkId

    Wheelies: How to

    thanxs all for input gotta practise harder to balance it
  2. IaMnOkId

    Wheelies: How to

    soo lets say i up my 2 stroker in 2nd gear by slipping the clutch n reff it up a lil soo its close to my power band when do i actually engage into my 3rd gear once i get my bike up or after it has wheelied for a distance ? do i change into 3rd gear by juz kickin it in gear without clutching it in or i have to change my gear as for normal by clutchin in n den changing the gear ?
  3. IaMnOkId

    Wheelies: How to

    i was juz wondering if the technique for wheelin a 4 stroker n 2 stroker the same coz i m wheeling a 2 stroker