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  1. JSEATON987

    Carb question

    Thanks Neil, I'm going to give my buddy a thumbs up on the carb. Are there any quirks, or points worth making that you can think of about the carb at all?
  2. JSEATON987

    Which tire & chain?

    My 03' 450 eats rear alloy sprockets (but I run them anyway). I can't get past the price on that IronMan sprocket. I've been running Renthal in the rear, but I just switched to Tag. We'll see if theres a durability difference soon. I think the best chain by far is the DID 520 ERT. They hold up great with proper maint. I only run Dunlops, 756 rear and 739 up front, I've tried others and nothing works better for me. Good luck
  3. JSEATON987

    Carb question

    Has anyone heard anything about the Edelbrock carb? It seems to be very adjustable, and the price is very good ($400.) compared to the FCR. Any input is welcome, I'm trying to do some research for a friend of mine with a 2002 "S" model.