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  1. When my bike is off and clicked into first gear while holding the clutch the rear tire barely spins but while in neutral spins fine. any suggestions?
  2. ya they are just bottomed out now with the wieght of bike
  3. my buddies front suspension like collapsed on him while riding and they are bottomed out as it is when the bike is just sitting there. What do we do to it?
  4. my buddies ttr front suspension is really really lose, he was riding and all of a sudden it collapsed. Right now the shocks are bottomed out just sitting there. what should we do?
  5. im lookin into the 02 yz250f and i wanna hear opinions about it
  6. meh, 4 wheeler, pff
  7. awesome man
  8. and no i dont turn the throttle
  9. ya ican hear it trying to start
  10. and the gas valve doesnt shut off
  11. it kicks fine, just that it doesnt fire up
  12. When i try to start my yzf, it doesnt start...what do i do.