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  1. Trekk

    Quick question

    It's the big wheel, no E start. The tail is cracked on the sides from some bad wheelie attempts lol, but it is still on and looks fine besides the 2 cracks you can't really see. Gives it some room to flex now I was driving it around the other day and it's pretty fun. I think maybe I'd like to trade it for a 230 but, what are the chances of that happening. My last bike that was stolen (yz250) was all balls or bog/stall. You couldn't really enjoy the ride, you just had to hang on.
  2. Trekk

    Jet and rebuild questions

    Just wondering, what is it doing that makes you think you need to rebuild it? Did it sit a long time? Is it gunked up inside the bowl? The jets shouldn't go bad if they look ok and are clean. They tell you not to clean jets with a wire or anything cause you could risk maybe opening the jet a little more and making it run richer.
  3. Trekk

    Quick question

    Was looking online a little and seen local some seem to be going for arounf 1500-1700$
  4. Trekk

    Quick question

    Hey everyone, I got a quick question, I have a 2005 TTR125 thats has about maybe 30 hours on it sitting in my shed. I bought it back in 05 new for my g/f at the time. It's been sitting for 2 years, but it fired up today when I put some gas in it. I dont know if I should just keep it or sell it. My dads friend was asking me about it, he seems like he wants it for his kid or something(thats why I ask). What do you all think something like that would be worth? I wish I could ride more these days... but they have pretty much cleared all the land around here and started putting in houses. Thanks
  5. Trekk

    Jumping help...

    Ummm, I tend to hold the throttle a bit, I dont let off 100%. I piked up this bad habit off the little bike also. Should I gun it to the jump and let off, while I roll up the hill and off the jump? When my friends jump the bike sticks to them like glue, it stays up under their legs and flys with them. I haven't seen a pic of myself jumping, but it feels like when i hit the ramp the bike is under me, then as i fly off the ramp it tosses me up, as if I'm standing up strait, but it also tosses me forward a bit. When I jump my butt is off the seat and my legs are 45 degree like this =|
  6. Trekk

    Jumping help...

    Hello, I'm new to the forum. I've been reading but my question might just be better off asked. I have a brand new TTR 125L, it's my first real dirt bike and I'm been working on learning to jump it. For starters I'm like 184 lbs, but I think the scale was wrong or I put on a lot of weight pretty fast.I started off riding pocket bikes and mini dirt bikes along time ago. I can get some nasty air on my little Pantra.. but it bottoms out so nasty I had to cut the rear brace out to make more room for travel. I ride with a few people that have XR100's, they all are I'd say 30 lbs lighter then me. On the main jump we use they get about 5 feet of air and fly about 30 feet. Now I have this new bike (ttr125L), I've only got like 7 hours on it, but when I try to jump it, I feel like I'm getting bucked. Everytime I hit the jump I feel like the bike is tossing my body up and forward. I blame my self a bit.. all the years of riding little bikes have made me get used to riding up on the tank and not using the seat. To sit comfy feels weird. Anyways, I tried sitting more far back. If I sit to far back the front comes up higher I land on the back wheel first. I tried jumping sitting, jumping standing, jumping sitting forward, sitting back.. Maybe I just haven't found my sweet spot yet. So, can anyone give me tips? I was wondering If I get bucked cause the springs are to weak for my weight. Could the front shocks be compressing to hard when I hit the jump, giving me the tossed forward feeling? I did hit the jump perfect a few times, but i had the tossed feeling way more then I'd like. The jump is a 5 foot ramp onto a plat form. (it's a old golf course) I get like 2 feet air and fly like 4-5 feet. In case your wondering I got the TTR125L instead of the 230 cause. I hate the tippy toe bikes, and the extra weight was a turn off.