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  1. minkkinen

    Little help please...

    Thank you Mountain Max... ...kind of hided behind that little "cover washer". Happy hollidays!
  2. minkkinen

    Little help please...

    Just got that fuel screw, but where it goes???????? ( stupid or what ) Thanks:confused:
  3. minkkinen

    Just installed my Acerbis Rally Pro Hand Guards

    Looks good... Do you have the front brake hose going under, or on top the inner mounting bracket??? Thanks... Sami
  4. minkkinen

    AIS removal

    I have one extra original yz throttle stop, if needed. Sami
  5. minkkinen

    WR450F vs. CRF450X

    Helou Turbbo! I'm in Grand Rapids, MI. (are you close???) Anyways I bought WR 400 -98 new at the time, and It was such an reliable low maintenance bike. Now that they have been making these for so long, and the improvments they made for -05, I did not have any choice, than buying WR. Good luck
  6. minkkinen

    2006 Yamaha WR 450f Performance Mods?

    Helou guys. I bought mine -05 this past fall. I did change throttle stop, cut the wire and took of the exhaust thing. I have rode it only twice and it seemed to do pretty good. Is there still a big diffrence if I do rest of the mods you guys are suggesting? It starts good with kick start but Would it start better with button after the mods? What is the best shop to order all these free mods, and can i get them in one place? Thank you allready Ps. Anybody living in West Michigan close to Grand Rapids. I just moved here and looking for riding buddy. Thanks again
  7. minkkinen

    Please help with Insurance

    Thank you again guys. That $ 10 per month sounds a lot better anyway. I do have Michigan drivers license and clean record (short). I think I'm telling this to my company, where I have house and two cars. And if it doesn't do any good, I'll go to this farmers to get a coat for everything. Is it a proper way to do it in U.S ? Things are a lot diffrent, but still it's fun to be here, and can hardly wait to get to the trails...
  8. minkkinen

    Please help with Insurance

    Hi everybody. I' m new on thumper talk, living in USA , and on my -05 WR 450. Believe me or not, I'm not new with... everything. Any way I just moved to Michigan from Finland and would like to get insurance against theft for my not streetlegal bike. Only for theft. $ 20 / month seems high comparing what I use to pay back home. Is there anything cheaper???? Thank you allready
  9. minkkinen

    05 Wr450 VS 05 CRF450x

    I bought new WR in -98 and just sold it couple of months ago. All I ever did to it was regular maintenance and I did check the valves twice. It probably had like approx 150-200 hours on it, and was still running strong. I was thinking about the Honda too but, ended up getting -05 WR 450. Main thing for me is reliability and Yamaha has been making these allready seven years.
  10. minkkinen

    Are 05 WR450's getting more expensive??

    I just paid 5850,- otd in Michigan after shopping around for sometime.