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  1. I would seriosly consider the KTM. My hold up is that the 350 is F.I. I would be willing to bet my left that the 2012 SXF 450 will be F.I. also. I know I will be kicking myself if I buy a carb'd 2011.
  2. Lit Kite

    2011 YZ450f

    Thanks for the honest, insightful and very helpful feedback. I think I might go the way of the blue beast! (or red/white/blk in this case) I am excited to try something other than a Honda to be honest. Have a great season on your new ride!
  3. Lit Kite

    2011 YZ450f

    No way! I love the Black and Red! That thing is beautiful! Have you ridden it yet? What do you think? Is the air intake sound bothersome or no big deal? Where did you get it and what kind out out the door final price did you get? I am on the hunt for a new bike at the moment and I keep going back to your exact bike! That thing is so sweet!
  4. Lit Kite

    2011 Muffler... could they make it any longer?

    Ahhhhh Hahhaha. That's comedy!
  5. Lit Kite

    2011 Muffler... could they make it any longer?

    I agree. The 2011 exhaust is sooooo looong. It kills the look of an otherwise gorgeous bike. It's like a chick with a "butter face". Does anyone have have some pics of their 2010-11 KX450F with any aftermarket exhaust they could post up? I am wonder how it would look with Pro-Circuit or FMF setup.
  6. I really can't believe how many KTM fans there are these days! I am totally shocked. I might have to take another serious look at the orange beast. I rode my friends KTM 450 SXF and liked it. It was a few years back so it didn't really hold a candle to my CRF450. The front end seemed to wander a bit. It ate up the bumps like crazy but not very precise compared to my bike. I guess they have come a loooong way since the 1st gen SXF's. My only hold-up on that bike is the carb. If it was running FI this year I think I would give it a go. I know I will be kicking myself when they change it up on next years model. I am still leaning towards the 2011 CRF450R. (I guess I might always bleed Honda Red) It's sounds like they made all the right tweaks this year with the new linkage, fork internals and throttle body. I am also drawn to the YZ. That white and red one is pretty darn sick lookin!
  7. Mostly track.. a breakdown would be 90% track, 8% trails 2% sand. My current CRF450 is a perfect blend it's just getting a bit long in the tooth.
  8. Congrats on the new bike! What kind of "out the door" total did you pay for your CRF?
  9. I'm looking for a new bike and I'm totally up in the air. I currently have 2005 CRF450R. It has been a great bike but I'm open to a color change. Just wanted to take a quick survey... What would you buy and why? Thanks!
  10. Lit Kite

    09 450 locked up

    My friend had the same problem. He was sooo pissed. Sucks when you get the latest and greatest and can only enjoy 4 laps before it seizes up. He was not happy with his new $8k purchase. It was a quick fix and the dealership delivered it to his house but it still sucks.
  11. Lit Kite

    450 reliability

    My 05 has been running perfectly since I bought it new. (knock on wood). They are great bikes. I have never had to adjust the valves. Starts every time hot or cold. (man i hope i didn't just jinx myself!) Good deal out there right now.
  12. Lit Kite

    2008 CR-F450R Steering Damper??

    What are the benefits of a steering damper? What part of your riding does it help the most?
  13. Lit Kite

    L.e.m.p. Mud?

    Thanks I will give it a shot...Do you know if they put something special in the water? My friends and I are convinced that they us 1/32 Elmer's glue and water mixture!
  14. Lit Kite

    L.e.m.p. Mud?

    No help here?
  15. Lit Kite

    L.e.m.p. Mud?

    Does anyone know if they put any sort of additive in the water to make the dirt/mud stickier at Lake Elsinore? I ride a few other tracks in So Cal and there is nothing like the caked on mud that I get at the L.E. track. It is a real pain to get off too. Way worse than other tracks. Anyone have any tips to keep or get the mud off? I have heard that spraying it with WD40 before you ride helps. Is there anything that works better?