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  1. bags1

    08 crf 450 grease ?

    Thanks HrcRacing for the specs. Finished the bike up and ready for Wednesday Night Ride Night!!!
  2. bags1

    08 crf 450 grease ?

    Okay so I just finisned greaseing all the bearings in the linkage, swing arm, and steering head. But I bought my bike used and never recived a manual.So can anyone give me the torque specs for all of the above. Or can someone direct me towards an online maual? Thanks in advance for all your help. Oh and I LOVE this bike!!!
  3. bags1

    08 CRF450 suspension set up

    Thanks for the help folks. Hey Adam where in Ontario do you live and what classes do you race? I'm in Orangeville, I use to do the CMRC and a bit of the CMX. But not so much anymore, wife and kids you know. But I still try to ride at least once a week now. Anyway thanks again for the feedback.
  4. Hi folks. I just got my CRF and was wondering where to start with suspension settings. What should the sag be set at how many clicks of rebound and compression on the rear and the fork? My wieght is about 190lbs and my skill level would be at an intermediate. I ride mostly moto, but I also play in the woods. Where should I start any help would be appreciated.
  5. bags1

    trying to help a buddy out

    yes there is spark, i have'nt had a chance to check compression yet, the air filter is clean, and when i kick it over there seems to be some sort of compression, like i said i own a 450 so i have an idea of what it is like to kick a four stroke. i was just wondering if there was something unique to the yamahas? like the next best place to start after the obvious has been done, ie fuel, spark, compression, (valves and ring test.)
  6. hi folks how are ya? i'm just trying to help out my buddys son who has an 01 250f. the problem is it will not start. now i have a 450 sx and when it is hard to start i know the valves have to be set. now he has been riding it for a couple of weekends and after school maybe about 20 hours? he said one day it was working fine the next it would'nt start, he also said that he put in a new plug and it started and rode it, but now it won't start? what gives? i have the bike here now and the first thing i noticed was that even when the fuel petcock is shut off the fuel just keeps flowing, but no puddle on the ground? is it running into the cylinder? should i check the valves? he bought the bike used, is there something that is a yamaha thing that us ktm guys don't know about or what. please help me help out my buddys kid, where should i start in the diagnosis of this problem, any help would be greatly appretiated, thanks in advance.