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  1. I am trying to get my 86 XR600, which I have converted to Supermoto, back on the road. The transmission is bad and I would like to put on a new bottom end so I don't have to split the cases and buy the parts. I thought I had a source for the bottom end but that didn't work out and I am not able to find another. Anybody have one or know if there is another motor that would bolt into the XR frame? It is thawing out in Montana and I need to get this off the bench and on the road! Thanks for the help.
  2. Unzie

    Need a Transmission!!!

    :banghead:I am looking for the bottom of an 85/86 XR 600 motor. I am trying to avoid splitting the cases and replacing parts so want the bottom case or a motor with a bad cylinder or head. Anybody got one?
  3. I have a 05'CRF450X, put on a Q4, opened the air box, JD kit with 170 main and red needle on the 2nd clip....problem now is that I have lost all the low end power, mid and upper hit is much better. 3200 to 5000 elevation, 50 to 80 degrees. Should I change the needle or do I need to go with a new leak jet?
  4. Unzie


    I have been trying for many minutes to find pictures of the process to uncork the baffle in my CRF450, can't find it, any help?
  5. Unzie

    Welcome to ME!!

    I haven't been able to get up in the hills yet, have been taking it apart and checking things out, changing the oils, etc. I will get the jet kit soon because I can tell just by the trips up and down the alley that it is too lean, motor gets hot real fast. Question: when cold, giving it a lot of gas, I hear a loud knocking from the motor, goes away when warm, sounds like a loose spark plug but is not. Could the compression release be loose...? Sounds like the choice is leaning toward the MRD exhaust, better than the Q4 FMF?
  6. Unzie

    Welcome to ME!!

    Finally found a CRF450X!!! Now I need to know some opinions on the best mods to start with. So far it is all stock, I will get some bark busters and a fender bag but want to re-jet and get an after market exhaust. I will look through the post as time allows but some quick input would be nice. It is 05'. Thanks.
  7. Unzie

    Stator wires go...???

    I have completed the major work on converting my 86' XR600 over to SM.(thanks for all the help) I replaced the stator with a Moose Racing high output model and the instructions suck! The existing hook-up has only two wires but the Moose has six and the instructions only explain about the two and the extra white wire. I am real anxious to get the thing running but also anxious about the extra wiring...any help?
  8. Unzie

    where do i get a 17" rim/spoke kit?

    I searched a lot for wheels for my XR600, finally ordered from Jeff at Procycle in Oregon. EXCEL wheels w/ spokes for $529.00. A 3.25 inch and a 4.25 inch. Great service too. www.procycle.us.com
  9. What help can you all give me when converting my bike to supermoto? I assume I can keep the rear rim, where to get the best deal on the front?
  10. I have been a Honda-Head for the last 35 years, currently own a 96 xr250, a 03' 919 and 86'xr600 which I plan on converting to a super-moto bike this winter. Question: I have been looking for an xr400 and am wondering if I should also look at the wr426-liquid cooling would be great. Also what year would be the best with limited funds? Thanks for the help.