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  1. Installed FMF stg 1 jet kit fully and it's awesome. Thx for steering me in the right direction burned.
  2. So go in and change the jet to 140? How could it be too lean on a 142.5 MJ? I come from a two stroke background so four stroke motors are sorta new to me.
  3. I'd rather run it a bit rich to ensure that I don't mess up the motor but I'll see how she runs and go from there. thx for the suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper quick reply burned.
  4. I searched but I couldn't find anything...so here goes. I just picked up an '06 DRZ 400SM and put a Yosh RS3 system on. I also ordered an FMF DRZ 400SM jet kit as well. I haven't done the 3x3 airbox mod (nor do I plan on doing it in the near future) so I figure I'm @ stg 1. I followed the instructions given and they say to use their needle (which I did) and then use a 140 MJ. I pulled the float bowl and I've got a 142.5 MJ in there. My question is: Will a 142.5 MJ be safe to run w/the Yosh exhaust. Thanks in advance. -mykr.
  5. mykrrrr

    DRZ400SM 2005 FMF Power Up Kit (new)

    My SM specific FMF kit should be here tomorrow and I just put on a full RS3 Yosh exhaust. I'm not planning on doing the 3x3 mod quite yet so what should I set my jetting at right now? TIA...