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  1. two bros all the way my freind kevin has one and i also have one and love it im not sure but i think the two bros is cheaper
  2. my freind kevin he has a 110 and the two brothers 134 kit in it and he rides the out of it and it has held up well. but you should get a clutch for more motor time. hey thats just what i herd.
  3. honestly i dont think it is a waste of money and even if it is a little small you could always get a swing arm and frame or just a longer travel shock.I dont know but thats my oppion
  4. sweet i got to get me one of those
  5. if you really want to get serious about your starts you can buy the procircuit holeshot profector. what it does is it locks your front end down with a button so when you pop the clutch your front end wont go crazy,but as soon as you hit he first bump it will go back up to normal. but if you dont want to get that you should just sit like on the gas tank. also you should try second gear starts they work great on my kxf 250f. well good luck with that