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  1. Hi got new 08 510 and have ridden it around the block a couple of times and are going for first dirt ride tommorow yippy!! but i thought i would take off the tank cover plates off to see if i could wrap some contact clear cover over them to protect them and found the front bolt that holds them onto the tank just spins and wont back out of the tank are these fitted in the factory or the dealer??are the done up with a rattle gun ?? how do i get them off do i need a replacment tank and should this be under warrentee i would think so but like most times i am unlucky and will probly get shafted any ideas?
  2. damage69

    08 plastics in oz

    Hi i am a new 08 510 owner in queensland oz and need some aftermarket side covers and radiator guards etc but cant find any can anyone recomend a supplier please ?