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  1. zrxchris


    dyno that bitch and report back to us
  2. zrxchris

    cycle world smr

    104 on my gps for my big heavy 2006 sm610s
  3. I did and it took some phone calls to get the oil. Nice guy, but he was quite overwhelemed and did not realize all these motorcycle guys were going to want his oil. My guess is he still is juts a one man band......so order a case
  4. zrxchris

    sm610 FBF cam+piston or just piston ?

    spoke with paul last nite. he said reliability would not be an issue if the valves were beefed up. he said send them my head and they could clean it up, swap for better valve springs etc. and he said whatever FBF reccomended would be fine as they have more experience with the 610, whereas GP has more time with the dual cam motors. sounds good to me.......time to start rippin' her down
  5. zrxchris

    sm610 FBF cam+piston or just piston ?

    thanks to alot of help from you already, I have my carb settings dialed in I gutted the stock exhaust and currently run a 180 main, 45 pilot, neddle 5th clip, leak jet, AP cover and 2.0 turns out on the mixture screw. and yeah, I would still like some more power for uphill twisties in North GA and a bit more top end for the front straight at Barber.......lol I'm gonna call Paul Lima @ GP and see what he has to say......if its more maintenance than I want to deal with, then I will leave well enough alone and save for a 450/510 dukepilot, thanks again, you have always been real helpfull with info from day one on all the boards.......
  6. zrxchris

    sm610 FBF cam+piston or just piston ?

    that might kill the deal right there.....are you talkin' higher than 93, I run super (93) all the time now and at track days sometimes mix some high-test with the 93 1/2 & 1/2........ If I gotta mix my own gas, then that is more headache than I want. All I do is terrorize around town, north ga twisties and trackdays.......guess I shoulda got the 510
  7. zrxchris

    Your Best Husky Pic From 07!!!

    fun at the gap
  8. b-day gift to myself.....some more HP for the 610 FBF 13:1 piston $149.00 FBF (TC based they say) cam $189.00 1) - just get the piston, and get the head clened up here in Tuscaloosa by a local speed shop. 2) - get the cam + piston and headwork Will the cam increase the frequency of my valve adjustment intervals ? Will the cam/piston combo need some changes to the engine cooling ? I want the xtra ponies, but not alot of headache down the road.......I know, I shoulda bought a 510.......lol
  9. bought a used Xr650L supermoto conversion, my 'busa never left the garage for like 6 months baby #2 was on the way and all my fun was had around town and local twisties and the occasional trackday so........sold my 'busa and bought a Husky SM610 I have more fun going to Target and getting diapers and sortries tothe video store than I ever had on a sportbike. you won't regret it get a DRZ, or a KTM625 or a Husky 610.......good for the street and ya can still jump off stuff and do trackdays.
  10. zrxchris

    technique (again)

    I was pretty wuick in the twisties on my ZRX and my old busa.....when I got my first supermoto, a XR650L......it was like night and day, all the sudden I could keep up with some riding pals who always used to smoke me on some real twisty roads
  11. zrxchris

    Shinko 008 Sm Tires Anyone Use Them?

    being the cheap bastard that I am, I thought alot about getting a pair of shinko's..........few guys on speedzilla use tham and say they are fine for just track days, pilot powers work fine for me and after 220 miles at barber with STT one weekend in july I still had about 4mm of tread depth left which was plenty for 600 miles in the mountians of North GA......so I would think I could get 3 trck days out of a pair of powers.........works out to about $70/trackday in tire cost........not bad, IMO
  12. zrxchris

    Looking for Husqvarna Info

    all of the 2006 RR's went to AMA teams or so the word on the boards paul is the man, he knows all thing husky sm related and is helpfull to all owners, even if you have not bought directly form him, great guy
  13. zrxchris

    Looking for Husqvarna Info

    all of the 2006 RR's went to AMA teams or so the word on the boards paul is the man, he knows all thing husky sm related and is helpfull to all owners, even if you have not bought directly form him, great guy
  14. anyone know what size the dzus fastener is that locks the seat to the frame? since I got a seat with the tall foam, I lost it on the last ride........ hopin' maybe the jap dirt bikes use the same size and I can get one at the local jap dealer.....
  15. zrxchris

    JD kit question

    confused me too. I used to live the skier's life in Vail and to me high elevation and cooler temps go together as do lower elevations and higher temps. Guess If you live in MN in the fall, then the JD speak would work I live @ 400ft in hot as hell tuscaloosa, al and the red needle 5th position works well on my husky, bumped up to 6th when the temps were over 100