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  1. Here´s my DRZ
  2. well i'm really curious how this can happen? cos i just bought this bike and i dont want this to happen again, i guess the previous owner(s)must have tortured this bike
  3. allright, this is what the 2nd gear on my xr4 actually looks like, not to nice huh
  4. Been browsing the net for this pdf, without any luck. if someone could please share it
  5. does the link work now?
  6. This is what my bike looks like right now. well it will be as good as new when i'm finished, (i hope) edit: new try
  7. thank you for all the replies, i talked to a mechanic today and that problem wasn't news for him, he said i have to change the 2nd gear as soon as possible, or it will be more expensive in the end he said with just a minor wear on the gear it self (sprocket or whats it called) will make such a sound, and it will get only worse if i wait. Sadly this mechanic doesn't want to take on my Honda..." i only do Husqvarna" he said however i'll check everything you guy's said, before i split the cases hehe i like the spellcheck, it didn't like my spelling on "husqvarna" it suggested "Hussein" instead
  8. I got the chain noise, but it doesnt bother me much, this noise comes from somewhere inside the engine/transmission, it's sounds almost like yer playing a note on a intrument, like an old synthesizer or something and it's pitching up as you accelerate. hmm.. maybe a could sample it and use it in my music but i just bought this bike, and i'm not to happy about it. *sigh*
  9. I was out now riding around in the snow for about 15 min, and then checked the oil level. and it's on the Upper mark. anyways this time i noticed that the sound (noise) disapered when i let of the gas. and i rode without a helmet so i could listen better and it's difficult to locate where exactly it comes from, but it's maybe from the lower part of the engine.
  10. No it's not just when the bike is under strain, even when i'm de-accelerating (hmm wrong word maybe) on low to mid rpm, but only 2nd gear! Can i keep riding? or must i do something about it right away do you think?
  11. Hello everybody, this is my first post here, Now to the problem, i got a xr400 from 99 and i'm loving the bike, but in 2nd gear on low to mid rpm there's like a whistling sound (hard for me to explain in english) but i think kind of like a broken ball bearing sounds. also on low rpm the noise is quite loud. If someone please can give me advise what to do.