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  1. peterd

    06 CRF150F questions

    My wife has an 06. It's bulletproof and tons of fun. $1450 and low hours sounds sweet. Good luck.
  2. peterd

    Thank God I am still alive

    Toyman Glad you're doing well and riding again. In my case it was my son I stayed with while someone went for help. Worst 20 minutes of my life. Kudos to the Cal City PD for getting there so fast. It truly is awesome how people help. I have an 05 crf450. The best thing about 450s are they are easy to ride fast...Thats also the worst thing. My son was hurt 7 years ago and has had 6 operations. He still putts once in a while. (He forgot the wash was there!)
  3. peterd

    Playbike advice

    Just picked up an 06 crf150 for my wife. She loves it and it's got a button so I'm enjoying it too. I would never give up my 05 crf450 though. The 150 is really fun, even for me.
  4. peterd

    My CRF450's Engine is Noisey!?!

    I have an 05 450r. It makes sounds like a rod bearing and it has for a long time, but only at low rpm. It scares the hell out of me. I do have a skid plate too. Any thoughts.
  5. peterd

    What Spark Arrestor for a '05 CRF 450R?

    I put a DrD on my o5. It went on great and I've noticed no loss of power.