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  1. mcat

    Longshot of the Month KDX Part Request

    hawncase, I am about to replace my front wheel with and Excel rim and spokes. I have a few stock spokes and nipples that are still in good shape that you can have for the cost of shipping. I should have them off this weekend and will seperate the ones that are still good. I know at least 15 are bad, the reason i am replacing them all in the first place. KDXgarage, I just bought a Excel spoke kit for my KDX and yes they are spline drive nipples for a 8.5mm rim hole and included the spline drive wrench. Marty
  2. Tapered ones are available, but I have always just used non tapered ones. The end is slightly tapered with cutters to allow you to start them in a slight ly undersized hole. The idea behind them is to make the hole slightly undersized then use the taper to get the exact size and actually round as opposed to the odd shapes drill bits leave. Thats why I mentioned you might need to go 1mm at a time. I'm not sure how much you can open it up in one step. Marty
  3. A hand reamer might be a better choice to keep the hole round and aligned better. www.msdiscount.com has a nice selection of metric hand reamers from 3mm to 20mm. Not sure if you could open it up 2mm in one step or not, so you may need to get a 16mm and 17mm. Marty
  4. mcat

    WTF? BBR Frame cradle

    TT Store still shows it for $125.96, thats where I got mine. Marty
  5. mcat

    Starting and TDC

    I didn't realize the auto decomp left the valve open that long. I understand the reasoning for getting it just past TDC before you try to start it, just didn't understand why everyone was saying TDC was when resistance was felt, the auto decomp makes perfect sense now, thanks. Marty
  6. mcat

    Starting and TDC

    I have read several times here about these bikes being easier to start by putting the piston just past TDC, and this makes perfect sense to me. However, the procedure for finding TDC has me confused. Everyone says to kick till you feel resistance and you will be at TDC. Maybe I'm missing something, but the resistance should be felt at the bottom or near the bottom of the compression stroke, or about 90 degrees before TDC. Are folks just making this simpler to explain? I realize it makes no difference if its really at TDC or 90 before, you just kick till resistance, then pull decomp lever and go a bit past then give kick it hard and off you go (sometimes), but I have seen this mentioned many times and I'm wondering what I am not understanding about TDC. Marty
  7. mcat

    Uni or Twin Air?

    I now have a bike for everyone in the family, my 87 XR600, wifes 00 Polaris Scrambler 400, daughters 06 Yamaha TTR125 and other daughters 06 E-ton Viper 150. Now to make them all live longer I want to put better air filters in them. I would prefer to use the same brand for all of them since I believe in using the same brand of filter oil as the filter and that would make life so much simpler. No one seems to have a filter for the E-ton yet but Uni and Twin Air make them for all the others. Is there a difference between the two? They appear to be very close to the same construction and only slightly different in price with the Twin Air being a couple bucks higher. Thanks, Marty