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  1. maybe your back wheel isnt straight, i no that sounds kind of stupid but maybe when you've pulled your wheel back to tighten the chain, you might not have lined it up equal on both sides, use the lines on the swing arm to get an equal reading. if your wheel isnt straight when your in the air it will spin on an angle causeing your tail to come around (tail whip!)
  2. sounds great, mine was a kx125 2004, it had loads spent, black excel rims red rg3 triple clamps, hgs pipe, ohlins forks, ohlins shock, gold vhm head, i-kat, pro circuit pegs, renthal twinwalls, alloy cap, alloy oil cap, asv levers, maxxis tyres f/r, molson kawasaik graphics, v-force 3 reeds, blue hoses, carbon fibre frame guards! that was a very trick bike!!!!!
  3. does your bike start? does the kick start move? if not then you may of dropped a valve!