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  1. K Low

    Central Coast, need some guys to ride with

    I have a white Tacoma and orange bike. Looks like I'm going to be there a little earlier so I'll just goof around until I find you. Kevin
  2. K Low

    Central Coast, need some guys to ride with

    I'd like to be there by 10 at the latest. I staged at Turkey Flat last time which seemed easy enough.
  3. K Low

    Central Coast, need some guys to ride with

    I'm hoping to meet up with some guys on Saturday to ride Pozo. Can anyone do that?
  4. K Low

    Central Coast, need some guys to ride with

    sorry, was out this weekend. i live in the pismo beach area and unfortunately my bike is not plated.
  5. I'm a little new to the area and need some riding partners. Went up to Pozo for the first time last weekend and liked what I saw. Not into the dunes. trails and the occasional track are cool with me. I ride at an intermediate level. I ride at a decent pace but error on the safe side. My bike is a KTM 450. Let me know, thanks.
  6. K Low

    Fresno guys - Anyone riding tomorrow

    I don't need a plate for that ride do I? I was thinking Shawn mentioned a dual sport ride you guys were doing.
  7. Miami, Hollister, tracks...just wondering if anyone has a plans for tomorrow. Hoping I can meet up with someone.
  8. I'll do that next time. Didn't even think about it, plus I know you are busy enough without taking time to help me fix my bike. But I will definitely take you up on a little wrench coaching and money savings!
  9. Thanks guys, I feel better that I'm not getting treated any different than the next person. I still don't like it, but what can you do.
  10. I dropped my bike at a local KTM dealer to get some work done on my electric start motor and my kick start seal. The e-start problem was a broken tooth on the middle gear and the kick start seal just needed to be replaced. They're charging me 2.5 hours to do this. Does that sound reasonable? I'm thinking 1.5 hours is more like it. My bike is a 2005 450 MXC
  11. I have a 2005 450 MXC and I think I'm having problems with the e-starter gears. I heard this year had some issues with that, so that's why I've been having to kick it so much. Last ride I went on it e-started 95% of the time, but a few times I had to kick it and when I do it takes a while to get the engine to fire. The first time my seal busted the bike hadn't been kicked for quite a while and the seal was basically 4 years old so I didn't think much of it. The second time the new seal was only a month old and it busted again. The crappy part is I rode about 10 miles with the seal busted and leaking before I realized what happened. Anyone have an idea about why the seal might be going so quick? Once I get the e-starter fixed I shouldn't have to kick it much, but I don't want to have to worry about it everytime I need to kick it for some reason.
  12. K Low

    My first KTM oil change

    thanks guys, the reasoning makes sense for laying the bike on it's side, but after I read that I figured there might be some words of wisdom worth hearing before I went for it. worst part about it is after I get the oil all cleaned out, I have to take the clutch case off because I took a nice rock gash just under my foot brake pedal and it's got a pin hole all the way through. not bad enough to be dripping, but enough to where I can feel oil with my hand when I touch it. My plan is to clean up the wound, rough up the inside surface a little, then put some JB Weld (marine version) on the inside and out. I've heard other people have successfully done this and with bigger holes/gashes than mine.
  13. Here's the deal, I'm ready to do my first oil change on my 2005 MXC 450 and I'm reading the manual and it threw me off when it says to lay the bike on it's side. What I'm hoping for is a plain english explanation for how to best go about changing the oil on my KTM. I know there's tricks and techniques people have developed, just hoping to hear a few before I go for it.
  14. K Low

    Fresno guys, let's ride this weekend

    I'm up for either. Which day works better?
  15. Any Fresno guys up for a ride this weekend? Saturday or Sunday is fine with me. Miami, CC, Hollister? Suggestions are welcomed.