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  1. Anyone know when the US Open race is going to be on TV? I cant find info anywhere.. Thanks, Jerid
  2. Jerid

    What do you do?

    why do you think redneck T-shirts are all missing sleeves? buh buh, bomp But seriously.. I have used my underwear before to wipe my a$$.. heck, I wasnt even in the woods.. I was driving in a somewhat unpopulated area and there was not a service station or anywhere I could crap in site.. so I pulled behind a little hill and let the weasel go.. 2 quick cuts with a custom knife (www.jeridjohnson.com) and the underwear were off and ready to use.. hehehe.. when you GOT to go you GOT to go!
  3. Jerid

    Chad Reed testing blip on a 2006

    Watching Bubba this past year reminded me of 199's 250cc debut.. Hope he can pull it all together and keep it upright without killing RC.. I like watching the kid ride.
  4. I looking for anyone interested in car pooling to the track.. gas prices are a joke. I live in Coto de Caza, CA 92679 (near the general store) and usually ride on Saturdays at Lake Elsinore MX. I usually meet up with a handfull of other buddies but none live close enough to me to carpool with.. If anyone is interested in swaping driving duties please let me know.. PM, Email or reply to this post if interested..