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    1991 DR650 mikuni carb question

    Randy thanks for the help. So I have adjusted and installed a new float assembly. The bike starts greta and seems to be running rich when at 1/2 to 3/4 throttle or more. If I understand correctly I need to adjust the needle jet at this point? A few months back I had the bike worked on and carb was cleaned and adjusted after sitting for about 4 years. There was some old gas in the tank that was used by the shop to get the bike back in running order. can this be causing problems as well? If the bike had very old gas in it and they tuned the carb to the crappy gas it had in there could I need to re adjust the needels at this point? I would imaging I need to but I want to make sure befor I start playing around. 1/2 to 3/4 throttle seems rich so how do you lean the needle jet at this point? Thanks everyone for being patient.
  2. noslenam

    1991 DR650 mikuni carb question

    Ok I have another question for you all. So I recently pulled the carb and adjusted the float assembly. I have not noticed that there is any fuel flowing from the overflow as of yet. I am noticing that the bike seems to start better with out the choke first start of the day. The bike also seems to run a bit different. So I imagine that after adjusting the float I may need to adjust the needles some? If the bike start better when cold with out the choke does this mean the bike mixture is richer? When at speed the bike seems to run good but it does seem to be a bit off sometimes. How is the best way to tell if the bike is just a bit on the lean side or rich side. Thanks again for the help.
  3. noslenam

    1991 DR650 mikuni carb question

    Thanks everyone for the feedback. Well I wonder if the petcock is an aftermaket. The one I have in my tank in one solid filte that is about 4-6 inches long with a fine screen. I am sure it contains both the main and reserve intakes but it is a single unit. I think I will still add an inline filter as well. Thank again everyone for the help.
  4. noslenam

    1991 DR650 mikuni carb question

    Thanks for the feedback. So I am looking at the diagram of the mikuni carb located at- http://houseofmotorcycles.bikebandit.com/partsbandit/oem_schematic_view~schem_dept_id~707292~section_dept_id~1~section_dept_name~OEM+%28Stock%29+Parts~dept_type_id~2~model_dept_year~1991~model_dept_mfr~Suzuki~model_dept_id~703250~model_dept_name~DR650SM.asp You mentioned that the fuel level might be to high. If I am seeing the diagram right the bottom portion of the bowl/housing has a brass tube that comes up. This would be the overflow drain I imagine? So if the float is not calibrated correctly or is maybe work out ove the years, the fule level may be getting to high and reaching the drain tube? So my best bet would be to do a good carb cleaning and adjust the float high as recomended. This sould solve my problems. If I am still having problems after that would it be safe to say that I should replace the float assembly? Thanks
  5. noslenam

    1991 DR650 mikuni carb question

    Good point, other than the filter that is in the tank from the petcock there isn't one. I guess I better get one. Any suggestions on what the best type of filter would be to use? Thanks and I will try that as well as another good cleaning.
  6. noslenam

    1991 DR650 mikuni carb question

    OK so I pulled the carb off and gave it a good cleaning. The bike fired right up and ran better than it has in a while. So now after about a week or so I noticed that the carb is leaking gas out the drain hole once again. The bike still seems to run good. My question is, is the carb presurized? Could I be getting a buildup of pressure that is forcing gas past the drain screw? I replaced the screw with a new screw. Is there something I can do to the screw that might help reduce the amount of gas that flows past? I also replaced the gasket and 2 o-rings which gave me a much better seal. So I am just left with what is causing the gas to leak/pour out the screw drain whole? Any suggestions ideas are appriciated.
  7. noslenam

    1991 DR650 mikuni carb question

    Thanks for the quick responce. I actually have the carb off and when I took it in about a month ago they did a carb clean and needle valve and such. I am wondering if I may have had some rust or other debri in the tank from it sitting for son long and it has worked its way back into the carb. I had someone mention a bad fload assembly with a possible pin hole leak. I also checked the float assembly and it looked good but I may have to replace the two O-RING's on the float assembly. If my thinking is correct, if I have 1 or 2 bad o-rings will that alow gas to flow into the carb and thus flow out the drain. I just replaced the drain srew which looked top be worn. What are your thoughts on this hopefully simple fix?
  8. noslenam

    1991 DR650 mikuni carb question

    Ok first off I am new here so please be patient. I have a 1991 DR650 which has been sitting for a few yeas with probably less then 50 miles over that time. I took the bike in and had the carb cleaned and suck. I got the bike back and it fired right up first kick and has run great for the past few weeks. All my riding is local and probably 5-10 mile round trip with little to no problmes. I did notice from time to time the bike would bog down and seemed to run rich. Top speed would be around 65mph . So I did a trip that was about 60 miles and I noticed that on the way back it started to bog down again. We stopped to drop off on of the rideres and I noticed the carb was leaking gas from the drain hole at the bottom of the carb. I checked the drain screw and it was tight. I would say that it was like I pulled the fule line and just watched the fule drain out. It stopped after a minute and I proceded to ride the last few miles home. When I stopped at home it continued to drain. It was running rich I believe. Is it possible there is a pin hole in the float assembly? I am hopping to get some ideas on what to look for. Any help is appriciated. Thanks,
  9. noslenam

    Suzuki Key codes- lost Key replacement

    Hello All I have a 1990 Dr650 that I have missplaced the key to. I am not the original owner so I do not have the key code to recut a new key. I have been told that they imprint the key codes on the bike as well is this true and if so how do I find it. Any info will be helpfull. Thanks, Mike