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    I Might be Joining the X Clan

    If you get the 450X, set it up right. I would definately recommend the JD Jetting Kit set for your altitude, the 165 main works great at sea level, open up the airbox, and let it breathe. Dump the stock pipe, many after market options, I'm using the FMF Ti. I rarely use the choke to start and warm it up, no popping off the throttle, and it never stalls. Unbelievable difference after the mods. Suspension? That you will have to feel. Depends a lot on your weight, and riding conditions (jumping, trails, sand box, etc.).
  2. droplock

    DurhamTown Fox5 Video 4/27

    I was the "buddy" with stripped thread, over the easter weekend. Here's my 2 cents: The park was immacualte, the trails groomed extremely smooth, safety staff all over the place, emergency/medical crews constantly out on the trails. Dirt biking is as safe as the sanity of the rider! I chose not to ride MX1, because, although I've been on street bikes for years, my mx skills are amateur. I watched a good (new) friend ride his 250 2stroke hard, and I did my best to keep up on the 450x, but ya know what, he was just flat out faster than me, and my limits kept me from staying with him. Maybe in a couple of years.... My 15 year old, advanced light years from where he was before DTP. He too stayed within his limits, and advanced his skills throughout the weekend. Closing/suing places like DTP will only force people into riding in places that don't have the safety aspects in place, trails ungroomed, jumps not thought out, etc... Loved DTP, KEEP IT OPEN, CAN'T WAIT TO GET BACK DOWN THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My 2 cents. Hey Mike, let's hit the field tomorrow!
  3. droplock

    What issues w/ the 450X...

    Not much getting the point of this whole thread... but here's my 2 cents... been riding Harley's for a few years (now on an 05 Road King) and just picked up my first dirt bike, an '05 450X, and let me tell ya, it is all there all the time. It's a thumper that has a 2 stroke power band. Looked at the alternatives, and didn't find anything stock that comes close. Light weight, lots of power, and great suspension. Put my son (15) on a 230F for his first bike at christmas, and he's loving it too. First day out and he's hitting jumps. Not well, but hitting them non the less. If we are voting, I'll take the 450X any day of the week. droplock 83 GS650 03 FXD 05 FLHR 05 CRF450X