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  1. I pulled the valve cover off and low behold I found that the metal baffle plate was loose with only one bolt holding it on. Luckily nothing was ruined. A mistake on my part, which I can't believe that I didn't put that bolt in place lol. But thanks for the help guys, I really appreciate it. -Clayton
  2. well I have about 4hrs on the new topend and it's still doing it. Also I have the valve tube by its self and unhooked fromt he air box and the air box is plugged. It's just that I noticed alot of oil residue on the swingarm and that my oil level has decreased is all. And if I remember right the ring was supposed to have the mark up. So should I tear into the engine or not? Thanks. -Clayton
  3. The cylinder was brand new from service honda, and the head was brand new with new ferrea valves in it from Ron Hamp. I didn't think I had to hone a brand new clyinder, it already had a crosshatch in it. But do you think I should tear it down or not? If I do I'm going back to a stock piston. Also Shawn MC to you think the one way valve in between has gone bad? Right now as it sits the engine side is at the low mark. I haven't checked the tranny side yet. Thanks. -Clayton
  4. I have recently rebuilt my 2004 CRF450 with a new cylinder, new 13:1 wiseco piston, and a new 2006 head with stainless valves from ron hamp. Now that its back together and running it spits oil out of the valve cover tube pretty good. It never used to do that prior to the rebuild. Am I missing something here and is there a fix to it? Thanks in advance. -Clayton P.S. I also searched and found one post but it was of no help. Thanks.
  5. CRF45044

    Engine Ice

    yeah engine ice is a great product and does just what it says, it keeps your engine cooler, so you can ride longer. I use it and highly reccomend it.
  6. CRF45044

    400ex hybrid vs LTR450

    I don't have a response to what is the better machine between the hybrid and LTR. If you ask me it depends on the rider and his/her abilities and some luck as to who will win. I'm sure others will agree but thats my honest opinion. I on the other hand race a CRF450 hybrid quad and it's based on the 400ex geometry and I think it handles great. Here's a pic for ya. -Clayton
  7. Hey guys how's it going? Well here's the deal, I recently bought a used 2004 CRF450 with about 20 or hours on the engine and it has a HotCam Stage 1 in it. I haven't ever known what it was like with the stock cam with power or noise wise. To me it is kinda loud while running (the valves that is) and I am going to check clearences. What I was wondering is what the clearances are for the Hotcam that I have in my engine, what do I need to set the valves at in other words? Thanks. -Clayton
  8. No it runs sweet! I just didn't know if you had a reccomendation that would make it run even better or w/e. But don't get me wrong it sings. Thanks. -Clayton
  9. Hey how's it going? I have a jetting question for you. I have an 04' CRF450 with a Stg. 1 HotCam and a full Titanium Tri-Oval Yosh pipe. I have stock jetting in it now, my question is this. Is that where I need to be or what do you recommend. Also I live in Iowa if that helps. Thanks. -Clayton
  10. CRF45044

    Crf450 Cdi

    I want to say look at Ebay maybe. Don't hold me to it but I believe the 04-06 to be the same CDI.