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  1. What type of cap is needed for the carb fitting?
  2. Cool, that's everything? I thought there was more stuff to remove. Thx....JD
  3. Tried searching but didn't come up with much... --JD
  4. mrjayd

    Where does it say RS3?

    OK thanks, I feel better now. That is the same one I have..... --JD
  5. mrjayd

    Where does it say RS3?

    Just curious if I really have one. Bought one from the TT store but nowhere on it does it say RS3. Hope I got the right one. --------------- JD
  6. mrjayd

    What clamps for Pro Taper bars?

    That looks like a cool setup. I found the renthal clamps in the TT store but no renthal fatbar. Will the pro taper fatbar work with these clamps? --JD
  7. Want to swap out my stock bars with some Pro Taper bars. What kind of clamps will I need? Thx..........JD
  8. mrjayd

    Just had my mods done at the shop today...

    What is the tec insert?
  9. 600 mile service. Got the Yosh RS3, Dynojet kit w/extended fuel screw, and they even did my 3x3. Pulls like crazy now. Thing that puzzles me is everyone said this thing would be loud but it's not. My stock pipe with the SA removed was louder that this. Will it get any louder after the packing burns away. Just for kicks I am going to remove the SA from the Yosh tomorrow and take her for a spin. Got to get all this emmisions crap off next. --JD
  10. mrjayd

    600 mi. service question...

    OK, got everything in my cart but the pilot jet. Which one should I get and where is it listed under? Too bad they don't have an RS3 Titanium listed for the S model.
  11. mrjayd

    600 mi. service question...

    Doh, my bad. I meant to say the 400SM but they only have listings for E/S up to 03. Will those work and bolt right on?
  12. mrjayd

    600 mi. service question...

    So if I buy the pipe from the TT store, which model do I get? It doesnt show any models for an 05-06 DRZ-450SM. Thanks.....
  13. mrjayd

    600 mi. service question...

    Well I am actually pretty handy when it comes to that stuff, unfortunately I just don't have time these days. I just want to get the parts and take them with me when I drop it off for my 600 mile checkup and say, "here, put this stuff on for me" and pick it up when it is ready. I actually miss wrenching and stuff and getting dirty, but with my job and being a single Dad these days, I just can't find the time.
  14. I am getting ready for my 1st service and have a few questions. I want to get a pipe, do the 3x3 mod, and re-jet. First off, where is the best place to order a yosh RS3, i believe is the model? Second, do I need to cut the 3x3 on the airbox before I take it in or will Suzuki do it? Third, what jets should I have them put in after the pipe and 3x3 are done? Thanks........JD