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  1. beyondhelp

    tear offs, biodegradable?

    As a hare scramble course worker (Volunteer as well...) I can tell you I don't enjoy having to help police a 12mi trail looking all over both sides of trail in the bushes to make sure I get every tear off picked up. We're lucky enough to be able to race on an Indian reservation in a couple of active cow pastures. I'd hate to be responsible for one of their cows getting sick the week after the races. Tuck them in your waistband. If I can do it as a c rider barely able to hang on sometimes, the rest of you can. No excuses, racing or not.
  2. beyondhelp

    Help me ID this Husky

    As noted in another thread, check www.halls-cycles.com for the parts manual (downloadable as a pdf) Your thread on the other site inspired me to drag mine out of the shed and get to work on it. That and the fact that it might actually start cooling off outside.
  3. beyondhelp

    2007 YZ125 otd price?(bad or good)

    Thanks for the info, every price I have seen has started out in the 3200-3500 range but true out the door price (as in once the bike is in my truck) has shot back up to near the actual cost of the bike. I'm having a hard time finding someone willing to lose $2,000 on one of these. I think they are still way too popular.
  4. beyondhelp

    2007 YZ125 otd price?(bad or good)

    Anybody got a link or a phone number for those cheap yz's? Local dealer has 2 06's but his cost was more than that, I saw the invoice. I want a 2 smoker to sit alongside my wr. Hook me up.
  5. Glad it worked for you! I am continually battling carpal tunnel symptoms and alway watch for tips that can help. Mine is bad enough that I have nearly given up riding on the street so I can ride more offroad. I hear the surgery would help but the doc simply says "quit doing the things that cause it" not giving up riding.
  6. I put close to a whole tube of caulk into the bars on my Wr 426 and it definitely made a difference. It took the sharp buzz away and changed it to a lower frequency vibration I could tolerate. I'm running the stock (I think) Renthal bars. The first ride after I added the caulk I noticed it felt like I was running a gear higher through everything vibration wise. (Lower rpms)
  7. 2 places to look: www.moto-donations.com - free gear. www.newenough.net excellent prices and very nide to buy from.
  8. beyondhelp

    lookjing for helmet cam

    www.helmetcamera.com has an hc-2 kit with its own pocket dvr, that's the only one I can think of.
  9. beyondhelp

    Rotating kick start lever for short guys?

    As long as the lever doesn't hit anything, it shouldn't be a problem. Just make sure the lever doesn't "hang" and engage the starting mechanism partially during regular riding. I haven't taken apart a WR kickstarter yet and I can't remember what it looks like (I ride an 02 426 regularly).
  10. beyondhelp

    ONF this past weekend 10-14

    I rode with Flux this weekend and I can say it was awesome trying to keep up. Nothing like going flat out down a whooped out sand road trying to locate an orange speck in a cloud of dust. I'd ride with him any day. Next time I'm bringing the wr so I might have a little better chance! The guy on the quad might look like a spaz but, he put 40 or so of us up for nearly free and fed us and then some... I haven't met a more hospitable bunch. (of course, now flux is gonna think I'm stalking him)