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  1. ukwolf

    HELP Hardest Seat Ever Made

    seems to me you need to be up on those pegs more , top enduro boys spend hours on the bike and have no problems, i had to learn to stand when riding its far better for bike control took a long time to get used to but now its second nature. i think if i do a 2.5hour race i only sit down for about 15 mins in all. its only my comment and i am only a novice.
  2. ukwolf

    2004 TE510 Engine Failure

    had the same bother with rivets breaking ,head came off and jammed the clutch. spat me off. fixed it myself with std rivets no problem for 1 year, it seems that the factory need to press them on better. after running take off the clutch hub look for marks on the back, if the rivet is working loose there will be scoring
  3. ukwolf

    valve clearance - TDC question

    the valves will tighten a little with use as the valve settles on the seat ,this lets the valve run nearer to the cam
  4. ukwolf

    valve clearance - TDC question

    you seem to have a mix up of thous and metric on your post 0.2 = 8thou inlet should be 0.1 - 0.15
  5. ukwolf

    Removing bearing races?

    if you get the old bearings out use a rotary burr to make two slots opposite to each other in the bearing seat, this will give you a place to use a drift to knock out bearings next time you change them,
  6. ukwolf

    Front Wheel Bearing

    its usually the bearing on the disc side that gets the hammering, the seal on the TEs is tight on the alley spacer. this wears the spacer and the seal down then lets the water and muck get in to the bearing. after the spacer is worn replace the seal with a new one and fit back the spacer the same way, push some grease in behind the seal with your finger this creates a seal of grease. i do this every couple of ride outs, seems to help with bearing life. also keep greasing seal lips well greased.
  7. ukwolf

    Fork set up... 510

    i have a04 510 and seemed to have similar problem as yours not sure if thay changed the 05 fork but try this. open comp to 20 rebound 15 5 weight oil made a nice feel to mine. i was running the comp far to closed seems to me that they need re- valving to bring settings back more towards the middle of the range. slip a thin ziptye round the leg use this to see stroke
  8. ukwolf

    Clutch Problem

    make sure that you have a little free play in the lever when fully out from the bar, mine was sitting on hand guard. the fluid cannot get back through the valve if the lever cannot return fully to the open position.
  9. i posted a thread about 41mm a.p problem, james gave reply that pointed to check valve being dirty or sticking. i stripped down carb to find that the little man at the factory thought it would be funny to not bother fitting this part at all , hense the air was being sucked back into the a .p system through the nozzal. i had to take a check valve from a float bowl of a spare carb and fit it into the carb body, this solved my problem and now i get a good squirt of fuel from start of carb opening. thanks to james knowing his stuff i have fixed the carb that i brought from a man who was glad to give me a bargin purchase. now all i need to do is buy a replacement check valve put back in the other carb, i bet it would be easier to buy rockinghorse poo than this part but if anyboby has this little item please let me know. so its thanks to james for the place to search for my fix it.
  10. ukwolf

    41mm fcr a.p problem

    also can this valve be seen with the body apart and is it possible to remove it to clean it
  11. ukwolf

    41mm fcr a.p problem

    it sounds like you have seen this problem before, i know its not the float bowl valve as i tried another bowl. i have already taken the body apart all the gasgets are in goog condition, if i sray some carb cleaner from the top and all works well no cleaner should pass through but spray from the bottom up it should pass through. is that the way it should work.
  12. when open throttle the A.P fires no fuel out the nossal until half throttle,when you close throttle seems to pull air back in through the nossal and not draw fuel from the carb. if i cover the nossal when closing the carb then it draws fuel into diaphram and gives a good squirt of gas from beguining of opening. i changed the float bowl assembly from anouther carb and checked the set up against that also but nothing seems to help.
  13. ukwolf

    Alloy Flakes in my TE510 Oil

    the guy who spoke about the clutch may have a point, the rivits thet fix the basket to the primary gear sheared on my 04 510 and scraped the inner drum. you need to remove the inner drum and check the back for score marks, also make sure that all the rivet heads are flush with the outer basket. it locked my clutch up when a rivit head jammed between the drums.
  14. ukwolf

    taming the TC 450

    is trail tech a company who manufacture, do you have a contact number like to try weight on my 04 TE510
  15. have any of you boys in the states added extra flywheel weight to the 04 TE510, like to try on mine but no one over here supplies any. if anyone has contact details of a supplier that would be great, had a name of tasky,s in everett but not able to find contact number.