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  1. skydawn19

    426 oil pressure psi??

    I have a 2001 426 that is over-bored to a 450. I just replaced my oil pump, and am completely confused about what psi the oil pressure should be at. It shows: 15 with the choke (cold) 5-8 at idle (warm) 15-20 when it's revved I know that 450's are in the 50-60 psi range, but I think the 426 should be lower. Is that right? Does the over-bore make any difference?
  2. skydawn19

    Pics of ladies that love to ride!

    I finally have a few pictures to post. Me, on my guy's bike(about 5 minutes before a fractured my wrist): Me and my guy: My girl:
  3. skydawn19

    New Rider

    I have a crf150. I'll tell you, she is one cold blooded beast!! It doesn't really get used that much, so I try to fire it up every few days. It really does help, and I get a little work-out. Every one of our bikes has it's own little quirk. It won't take you long to figure out your bike's temperment. Have fun, and welcome!!!
  4. skydawn19

    bad day

    I definately do not use painkillers. NOPE, they're not for me. Ibuprofin at the most. I figure that if my body isn't used to them, they will work better when I actually need them.
  5. skydawn19

    bad day

  6. skydawn19

    bad day

    Thanks. I do plan to let it heal properly, but I'm still irritated about the whole debacle. It was such a bone-head crash . . . totally my fault. I'm not feeling as sorry for myself today, and have decided that it would be a pretty dumb idea to try to ride again before my wrist is ready. I do want to by a good wrist brace for when I ride again. Any suggestions on what type is best?? Thank for the tough love, girls. I really appreciate it.
  7. skydawn19

    bad day

    I am sitting here feeling sorry for myself, and decided to vent some of my frustration. I broke my wrist yesterday when I flew over my handle bars like Superwoman. The doctors say that when the swelling goes down, I'm gonna need a cast for 6-8 weeks! Does anybody have any experience with a fractured radius? I am looking for a good argument for not having it casted. It's gonna be really hard to ride with a cast. There is no way I'm gonna stay off my bike for 2 months.
  8. skydawn19

    Cool- Just noticed this

    I rode it all day Monday and Tuesday. I had never been on a two stroke before. WOW! But, I'm not so sure how much of the "hit" I want tamed. I can't wait to get it out on a track! Maybe tomorrow . . . Tuesday at the latest.
  9. skydawn19

    Cool- Just noticed this

    Just got one. . . . '06 KTM 200 XCW. My husband is under the impression that I let him buy it for himself. What can I say? Silly boy.
  10. skydawn19

    riding gear for the ladies?

    I think clothing gifts are hit and miss. Most girls are really picky about the way their clothes fit. If you do buy clothes, I think you should make sure they will be easily returned/exchanged. I wear mens gear, and have had really great luck with it.
  11. skydawn19

    bike height

    My situation sounds a lot like yours. I bought my bike, rode it, and loved riding it. But, I did not like stopping it. I really struggled. I even dropped it a few times. (that hurt). My solution was to take it straight to the local suspension guy. It wasn't cheap, but I love it. He dropped it 3 inches, and set up everything based on my height and weight. Something to keep in mind- My husband (6' 180#) rode my bike and doesn't think it's so great.
  12. skydawn19

    250 vs. 250

  13. skydawn19

    250 vs. 250

    I just started riding my CRF250X. After the first ride, I took it straight to the local suspension guy and had it lowered 3 inches. That sort of hurt my checkbook. I made one large mistake in the Honda showroom . . . Riding boots offer a lot less ankle movement than my tennis shoes do. I only noticed the problem when I came to stop on a hillside. Oh well, I guess it was good for the bike to get dropped a couple of times that day. It really did look way too shiny and new. Otherwise, I totally love this bike. I cannot even begin to describe the differences between the 250 and 150. Happy Hunting!!
  14. skydawn19

    So I post a "chic" ride AND

    okay, I know I'm new here, but why is it discriminatory to have a girls only ride? It sounds a lot like a girl's night out. No guy has ever complained about not being included when the girls go out to see the most recent "chick-flick" (and then there are all those silly Tupperware parties where they won't be caught dead). It seems to me that now that the girls are doing something the boys think is actually FUN, they want to play too. Heck, now that I think about it . . . my hubby has done several boy's only rides. I guess I missed my chance to scream DISCRIMINATION like a spoiled brat.
  15. I am a new TT member. I have recently relocated from So Cal to the Modesto area. My husband, daughter (6 YO), and I are looking for a few pals (and hopefully tour guides) to ride with. I would especially like to find some girls to ride with. I bought my first bike in February, I just upgraded to a new crf250x (only one ride on it so far). I still consider myself a newbie, but I'm game for almost anything. Let me know if your interested in meeting up sometime.