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  1. Attention KLR 650 people I am looking for some pictures and ideas for my new KLR World website. If you have something to contribute and I use it I will give you credit and make you famous. I would like pictures of bikes, trips, mods etc that are clean and suitable for viewing even by our beloved Moms (for those of us who were not hatched cuz after all I am Saint Bubba and not Bubba The Pornographer... . You can e-mail web site submissions to klrworld@yahoo.com with a brief description and a link where I can download your pictures, or you can try to e-mail the pictures but the link is to a yahoo account and probably won't allow big file attachments. Take a look at the site (It's still under construction....in fact I just started on it today!) and let me know if you have any ideas for my KLR only site.. here is the link http://www.geocities.com/klrworld Thanks all Bubba..