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  1. bheath4

    Cr500 guys.

    Hey so I see that they make a rekluse clutch for your beast of bikes. Anyone have a auto clutch equipped ride? How do you like it and how is the engine down low?
  2. bheath4

    anyone ever use this 434 bolt on big bore kit?

    my kit did not come with any instructions. i printed off a service manual and went by that. it came with different gaskets to bump up the compression, but i figured it would not have allowed it to run off of premium. not sure but better safe than sorry sometimes. other than that the bike is great. def. more mid still being easy on her. i ve got 160 miles on the bike and headed to colorado friday!
  3. bheath4

    worlds toughest turn signals?

    spin those are pretty slick, nothing hanging out to get hung on something. snow mule you have a pic of this? sounds really cool.
  4. bheath4

    Jetting questions

    yes stock head pipe, stock carb, not sure of jetting.
  5. bheath4

    Jetting questions

    I have just put a 434 kit on the drz and put a slip-on pipe, 3x3 mod. now where do i need to start as far as jetting the carb? any info would be great, just trying to get a basic idea of what to buy and where to start.
  6. Anybody have some ideas and some bomb proof blinkers?
  7. bheath4

    anyone ever use this 434 bolt on big bore kit?

    well kit went together great, pipe should be in today and then re-jetting it. on the road soon and let yall know what i think.
  8. if it is not still stock it is close. guys at the shop when i bought convinced me to buy a tip that opened the can up a little. i did not have to buy any other jets, i want to say maybe they adjusted something that the bike was already equipped with.
  9. im sorry its a 05 drz400s
  10. Hey dudes didn't know if anyone had some tips or time savers. I just installed a 434 kit on the bike and fitting the bike with a Fmf Q4 pipe. I have removed the snorkel and opened the box up a fair amount. I am still running the stock carb for now, and was curious whether or not someone would have an idea where to start. Thanks.
  11. bheath4

    anyone ever use this 434 bolt on big bore kit?

    awesome thats great to hear that others have had good luck with it. thanks dudes. thanks for the tips.
  12. bheath4

    anyone ever use this 434 bolt on big bore kit?

    it says it will run off of "pump gas" so yea im assuming it could run off of 87, but with a a peanut for a tank ill run high test. just ordered the kit, be here next week.
  13. bheath4

    anyone ever use this 434 bolt on big bore kit?

    had no clue it wouldn't. thanks though here it is http://tiny.cc/C7mks
  14. hey dudes im lookin to replace my scorched piston and jug and have ran across this kit ( http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/SUZUKI-JE-DRZ400-434CC-BIG-BORE-CYLINDER-KIT-DRZ-400_W0QQitemZ290331234975QQcmdZViewItemQQptZMotorcycles_Parts_Accessories?hash=item439917129f&_trksid=p4506.c0.m245&_trkparms=65%3A12|39%3A1|72%3A1171 ) its completely bolt on and comes with all of the gaskets required for the install. does it look legit? any words of advice? thanks
  15. bheath4

    What kind of helmet do you wear?

    shoei hornet matte black, by far my favorite one yet. really breathes well and very good peripheral vision