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  1. moto367

    Alta Motors shutting down?

    I'm surprised it took this long. I rode one. Very impressive. But definitely not worth the cost vs. run time. As a 47 yr old ex AA rider, we were barely getting 30 minutes hammering in the woods in mode 2 or 3. According to the dealer that's way lower that what Alta claims. It's a niche toy with minimal practicality.
  2. moto367


    Was the rear swapping side-to-side? Maybe you need to add compression. Anytime I hear someone complaining of the rear kicking up my first thought is not enough compression. Bass ackwards from most people's thoughts I know. I've noticed on mine the hs is very sensitive and by going out the rear will drop. We're about the same weight and I have my sag at 95mm. Depending on terrain I may adjust a turn one way or another but most of the time it stays at 95. Anytime I hear someone complaining of the rear kicking up my first thought is not enough compression. Motoxgiant is good with the Beta's maybe he will chime in.
  3. moto367

    Anyone know what happened to Tomac?

    Doesn't help the US guys haven't raced for several weeks and the Euro's have been. All the practice can't make up for racing. I lose interest come supercross time. It's become a circus act.
  4. moto367

    Anyone know what happened to Tomac?

    true. I hope they can put it together. Hope they figure ET's bike out. Red Bud hasn't been kind to the Kawi this year.
  5. moto367

    Anyone know what happened to Tomac?

    Yea, AP threw his win away also.
  6. moto367

    Solid Rear Rotor

    But since the pads are not in constant contact with the rotor, will the gases not escape anyway when the brakes are not applied? I could see your point when guys are using the pedal as a 3rd foot peg which I think is why they are having fade problems. Remember when you let a certain individual test ride a Beta and the brakes were cooked after a short 5 mile loop? 😂
  7. moto367

    Solid Rear Rotor

    I'm really surprised by the number of guys saying they overheat their brakes. I've never had issues.
  8. moto367

    Suspension work for Alta

    Matt Stavish of Checkpoint Offroad has been riding and testing the Alta. He's good.
  9. moto367

    Solid Rear Rotor

    A solid rotor has more surface area to pull the heat out of the fluid.
  10. moto367

    Training Seminars

    I'd mostly agree. Unfortunately for me, I'm a "hands on" type of learner. That's how retain the most info. I wish the RT seminar would go with that approach.
  11. moto367

    Beta Speedo 300 RR

    I have a new Beta odo I'm selling. $40 shipped.
  12. moto367

    Training Seminars

    thats not bad money at all!! I may have to price a plane ticket to Australia 👍
  13. moto367

    Training Seminars

    I believe the TBT is more hands-on while RT is more lecture with no hands-on. Although I'm not 100% on this.
  14. moto367

    WP open cartridge forks

    Uh...that was simple. LOL! Thanks n2dirt. Simple solution right in front of me.
  15. On the WP open cartridge forks, what tricks are being used to hold the cartridge while trying to torque the base valve assembly? I've tried pushing the rod to one side with no luck. What I have been doing is using my 1/2" air impact at the lowest setting and the minimum air pressure to get it snug and then I'm able to torque it. But I cringe and say a few Hail Marys when doing it this way. I feel like I'm pressing my luck. Is there a less powerful torque wrench (electric or air) available that is better suited for this? Thanks