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  1. moto367

    Coolant pressure

    I had the same coolant pressure issue on my 17 250 RE. All I did was bled the system. There was a ton of air in it. Didn't need to change the head gaskets.
  2. moto367

    Plastic - Polisport vs OEM

    Can anyone confirm how the Polisport red matches to the stock beta red (2017)?
  3. moto367

    2020 Beta Motorcycles Wish List

    I'm happy with the performance of the suspension. It works great since motoxgiant got it dialed for me. But, the wear on the forks is the issue that turns many away. Had to have mine coated. I'm not a big fan of the airbox. It's tight getting the air filter in and the retaining lever. Didn't like it on the KTM's and don't like it on the Beta. Something like the GG used to have would be cool. Ditch the 100 yards of wiring. I'm happy with the hard airbox cover (what some of you call a seat. I stand 99% of the time).
  4. moto367

    Enduro Tips and Secrets?

    Ride on a row with people who are faster than you. Ideally, someone you can keep in site for a while. That helps alot.
  5. moto367

    Alta Lovers Rejoice!

    Might give Championship Powersports in Wauseon, Ohio a call. They have one on the floor.
  6. moto367

    Just a thought about beta clutch and brake levers

    Love the Shaggin-Wagon!! That thing looks good! What year is that about a '77?
  7. If you decide to try and drill it out yourself, go buy a left handed drill. It will make the job easier. For that small of a screw I think an EZ out wouldn't be the ticket.
  8. moto367

    Alta Lovers Rejoice!

    How does cold weather affect the battery?
  9. moto367

    Alta Lovers Rejoice!

    Makes me wonder if they had a bad batch. We were demo-ing through our dealer who is very reputable and has riders on the national mx level. Those guys were barely getting 25 minute motos. Me and another rider were only getting 35 tops in the woods on a fast hs course. They were impressive though. Mode 4 was way out of my league. Mostly ran in 2. But none the less, I won't plop down $10k for one and not be able to continuously ride.
  10. moto367

    Alta Lovers Rejoice!

    This nails it.... currently ANY electric bike produced now or in the future is a niche market. If I had the money lying around I probably would buy one as a toy. Not a practical machine.
  11. moto367

    Alta Lovers Rejoice!

    Nope. Mx Pros around here weren't getting 30 minutes. 20-25 tops. That's on sandy/ loamy tracks. We got 35 minutes in the woods. We are both AA riders.
  12. moto367

    Alta Lovers Rejoice!

    I wonder I the AMA will let them run it in sx? I heard Alta wanted to but one of the teams threw a bitch fit and threatened to pull out of the series
  13. moto367

    Alta Lovers Rejoice!

    Alta's issue for me was the price tag vs. ride time. At over $10k and only getting 35 minutes at best, I'll spend the money on a gas machine. And you still can't top the energy density of gas.
  14. moto367

    Liqui-Moly Suspension Fluids?

    $16 usd for a quart. About the same as the rest.
  15. Anyone have any experience with the Liqui-Moly suspension fluids? Local dealer started stocking it. https://products.liqui-moly.us/catalogsearch/result/index/?limit=36&q=fork+oil