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  1. anyone use the larger slave cylinder and notice much improvement?
  2. keep an eye on the shock. My brother is on his second rebuild in less than a dozen rides. Keeps leaking out the seal. It's being covered but still it'a a hassle. Heard of similar issues from others. Ktm's qc has really gone down lately.
  3. AT81 is offered in 2 sidewalls. My son runs the heavy duty in the 110 with a mousse and i run the standard in 120 with a mousse. Like Cullins, I prefer the larger footprint. My son is on a 200 so the 120 would be a bit much for the bike.
  4. Good info. The ims lever you bought is for the 2008 crf?
  5. I know this was posted back in December but I'd like to know how many GG's he ordered vs. the number of KTMs and Huskys? If they had 10 GG on the floor and 10 KTM and sold out then I'd be impressed. The new bikes do look nice and I really hope they make it but in our area no one will even think about a gasser with the current people steering the ship in the USA. Don't have any particulars and don't really care. Until the dealer network is a little bigger I'll keep the Beta and KTM.
  6. My issue is I don't even hit the tip. I'm hitting the actual bend in the lever with my foot. I'll try to snap a pic today.
  7. I see a lot of guys are running the Hammerhead or the Honda crf 250 shift lever as a shorter option. My question is are these shift levers any closer to the cases than the stockers? The length is somewhat of an issue for me but also the distance it sticks out away from the case. I hit the bend with my boot. I need one closer to the cases.
  8. The guy doing the interview sounds like Gerneral Burkhalter from Hogan's Heros LOL!!
  9. 20-30% less what...torque? If so, then that's where guys can get in trouble and over torque. I used to work for a company that would not warranty the product if any lube was used on the threads for this reason.
  10. What do you call good tolerance between bushing and tubes?
  11. I agree it's not the clamps alone. More of a combination of the whole system. The tubes are different on the '18 compared to the '17. Be curious to measure and compare wall thickness of the tubes. I also torque to 9 nm. Only I do so without any lube. Just clean the threads each time. They were probably over-torqued from the factory. I had 6 hours break in time on mine and one tube was shot. I should take a pic of the bores in my lower clamps. Hideous finish with chatter marks. The one side looks like they snapped an endmill. I'm not sure who is making the clamps.
  12. There's a pretty lengthy thread on the Beta forum about the fork wear. I'm narrowing it down to the possibility of too tight of lower triple clamps. aj_mariner brought that to my attention and it really seems like it could be the smoking gun. Some clamps (mine) are .005" undersize with no forks. But, these clamps have been on KTMs for years. The factory Beta clamps are the same way. The x-trig machine the bore after anodizing. Sorry to hi-jack the thread a little. I like the Beta. I rode my brother's 18 KTm and it is impressive.
  13. Looks like Nick Davis is on a GG for 18. Beta sure seems to have a lot of good riders come and go. Wonder why?
  14. Webb was with DR for a good while. I think it was in the '90s when he left. Then you had Ken Faught, Jimmy Lewis. I'm sure there were a few others but can't recall.
  15. Dirt Rider took a big nose dive when Tom Webb, Jimmy Lewis and some other great guys "left". The new crop of "moto journalist" just don't have the charisma and personality as the old school guys. Miss them days. I remember standing in line at sign up of a national enduro once with Tom Webb. He kept everyone in stitches just being himself.