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  1. That's where I'm at so good to hear you're the same. It seems every time I do my shock I get to where I think it's good. Once I add nitrogen I'll stroke it through and there is always a small amount of air. Ugh!!! I set it back up and do one more bleed and that seems to take care of it. Can't figure out what I'm doing wrong??? Thanks
  2. What vacuum numbers are you using (ballpark figure)? Say like 25 Hg? Pressure side to something like 50 psi?
  3. moto367

    Should i RK the 250RR?!

    HAHA. Wasn't trying to brag. Knowing rider ability, terrain, etc. helps me to understand why someone is making a change. There's a ton of information and awesome posts people share but with them I generate more questions in my head... "what if" kind of questions . Where they're riding in the rpm range etc. Kind of like suspension. People are all the time posting their shim stacks without telling all the info of skill level etc... This is a good thread.
  4. moto367

    Should i RK the 250RR?!

    If you get bored research Helmholtz Chamber. I think that kind of goes along with the whole idea? Maybe motoxgiant or GP can correct me. Two stroke exhaust have a lot going on...
  5. moto367

    Should i RK the 250RR?!

    Wow!! That's thick!! I made one at .160" (it's what I had lying around) and the other at .250. I'll report on my findings. General info: 47 y/o AA enduro & hs. riding in Michigan sand and southern Ohio clay and rocks.
  6. moto367

    Should i RK the 250RR?!

    When cutting the head down to tighten the squish, don't you also have to re-shape the dome somewhat? I guess I'm thinking just adjusting the squish could cause more negative issues if the flow isn't improved? Or am I looking at it wrong?
  7. moto367

    Should i RK the 250RR?!

    Thanks. I'm not looking for much. Subtle will be the ticket hopefully. After years on 300's I miss being able to ride lazy (fast, but lazy). I made a couple of different thickness' to try. thnx
  8. moto367

    Should i RK the 250RR?!

    Here's what I machined. After talking with motoxgiant, and reading the posts on here from GP and others I'm anxious to get riding it.
  9. moto367

    Should i RK the 250RR?!

    How thick is his PV spacer? I've thought of the RK also but machined up a couple of PV spacers of different thicknesses to try but haven't gotten to ride to see what difference it makes. Figured I'd try that before spending the cash on the head.
  10. moto367

    Are you greasing your airfilter rim?

    I always have also. I was taught to do it. Old school also. I use the Maxima grease and that stuff is tacky. I'm not a fan at all of the Beta and KTM clamping design. I always feel like the force is not perpendicular to the cage and kind of pulls it up and towards the cover. I'd rather have a screw in or even the old GG with a pin and spring. I also use either Bel-Ray or Maxima oil. I like the neoprene DT1 filters but not many options for the Beta. Tried the no toil but sucked dirt through on a 2011 KXF and will never use it again.
  11. moto367

    Anaheim 1 Shocker

    I can't predict much but I'm betting Webb is definitely being groomed to step up for Moosecan's spot.
  12. moto367

    Race sag effected by heat

    Isn't sag set by spring pre-load? So whether it's cold or hot (ambient temp and shock temp) really wouldn't have much of an affect on sag IMO. Maybe a very small amount if any. I may be wrong though. What you describe sounds like it would be more of an oil issue. (?)
  13. moto367

    Set ups for Bibs

    I too often wondered the same question as the OP. In my opinion it's not about tire pressure. I would think you need to consider the weight of the bib vs. the weight of a tube or tubliss. But as stated, I've been told the difference is negligible. I'm sure the factory teams are testing and tuning using to what their riders are using.
  14. moto367

    2017 250rr suspension

    +1 on the nastiness of brake kleen. I've used the Maxima suspension cleaner and it's good. But as mentioned I've started using 90% alcohol from the pharmacy more and more. For cleaning parts I'll put them in my parts washer using kerosene. For a final cleaning I switch to the alcohol using lint free cloths (from the medical industry).
  15. moto367

    2017 350 RR-S with race wire loom

    It's a lot of work but I traced out what I did and didn't want on the stock wiring. It was a royal PIA but didn't cost a crap load of money that Beta wants. And I'm not the most electrical savvy so it may be easier for others.