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  1. Used DT1 in our KTM's. They are one of the best filters I've used. As mentioned, they do not make one for the Beta. I messaged them on IG a while back and they confirmed they do not but if I sent a stock filter they would make a custom. I didn't. I've had great luck also with the Twin Air using Maxima oil. I believe using the red No toil has alcohol which causes the gluing to fail on the foam.
  2. I ran one the EE screen type bolt on arrestors on another bike and it played havoc on jetting. I ended up taking it off and just buying the FMF.
  3. motocross

    I like both Forkner and AP. But Forkner did the same move a few turns before AP returned the favor. AP just had the smarts to let him go. Maybe the bleach from fork's hair leached into his brain. Check out this video at about 15 seconds.
  4. Must just be me. Any bike I've ever had the brake caliper hanger fit tighter on the swingarm and could assemble the wheels all day long with no issues. This Beta is sloppy and loose to where it almost falls off. I'll try mounting it from the bottom next.
  5. Would float have an affect on fork dive?
  6. Is it just me or is mounting the rear wheel on the Betas a PIA? The rear brake caliper bracket flops around looser than heck and will not stay in place while trying to mount the wheel. Any tips or tricks for this? Maybe I'm just used to the pumpkins with the Brembos.
  7. Interesting. I've always had good luck with the skf and maxima. I thought about switching to KYB fluid though for the reason it's clear and would be able to see dirty oil easier.
  8. +1 on CSR in Indiana.
  9. I'd get in touch with Steve at Afterhours cycle. He's a great Beta dealer and does wonders for the suspension.
  10. What he says. Contact Steve at Afterhours. He'll set you up.
  11. Who do you have revalving yours for the rocks?
  12. Clicker wise no, I am not. Close to the middle of adjustments. I know it's not packing on me. One thing I didn't mention was I went heavier on the spring rate which really helped the overall feel. Thanks
  13. I'm in a similar situation with my Sach forks. The rebound feels a little quick which is making the front end feel light and not wanting to grip. The hs compression also feels a little stiff on the small tree roots and rocks. I'm trying to figure out if I need to soften the hs comp a little or add more rebound damping. Adding 1 click on the rebound adjuster makes it rebound too slow. Can you tune a "half click" into the rebound?
  14. Plus One Performance is good. I've heard good about, LT Racing and Deja Moto. I used WER once and was not impressed. Not saying he didn't do a good job but I had some set-up questions after he worked on my suspension and couldn't get him on the phone for the life of me. He was always too busy. Customer service speaks loudly with me. I think any of the 4 I mentioned will do a good job for you.
  15. ? You speak as if you know me?