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  1. nvrstsfd23

    cant forget excitebike

    good times
  2. Should I be looking at an aluminum unit or a v nose or both or with the small time I will have this just go with the no thrill basic models.
  3. nvrstsfd23

    Renting a dozer/tractor/bobcat

    that should work I would rent the tooth bucket and a smooth bucket as well. That way you can dig with the tooth bucket and then smooth and finish with the smooth one.
  4. nvrstsfd23

    What to get...?

    Be carefull I have a wrangler with a lift and the gas mileage is horrible. Jeeps don't get as good as gas mileage as you may think. I don't think you would be able to pull much with a 4 banger jeep. I would look more towards a tacoma or something like that.
  5. nvrstsfd23

    Renting a dozer/tractor/bobcat

    a bobcat should work fine for doing that and you should be able to rent one for a couple of hundred bucks.
  6. I am looking for my first enclosed trailer. I have been looking at the 6 x 12 ft size. I only need it for a year or two then I will be stepping up to a toy hauler or a large enclosed trailer. I really don't want to spend too much on it though.
  7. I have read a few post already on these trailers. My question is I want to buy my first enclosed trailer. I will be hauling either a pair of quads or a pair of dirtbikes and I have been looking at going with a 6 x 12 trailer. I just want it to start with for a couple of years and when I pay off my car, I plan to buy a truck and a toyhauler or a large enclosed trailer. So I am not really worried about quality as much as a cheap price. What would you guys recommend for a decent not great enclosed trailer.
  8. I am looking to make my 06 r a little easier to ride in the woods and still be able to play on the track. I plan on doing the following rekluse pro clutch coolant overflow resevoir spark arrestor silencer insert skidplates radiator braces and guards front and rear disc guards handguards with the autoclutch should I still change the sprocket or leave it alone. also is there anything you guys think I am missing or should change. I want to spend around 1200 dollars and I should be able to do that with this list.
  9. I always wanted a 2s and looking at this as an option. I have a new bike and am looking for an older bike to play with that I can get at a decent price. I was wondering what year range should I look for. I don't want to spend a bunch on it though. A little bit here and there to spruce and fix it up a little without a huge intial investment.
  10. nvrstsfd23

    looking for cr 250

    I have always wanted a 2 stroke and I am wanting to buy a used cr 250 to play in the woods and ride. My question is I weigh 220-230 which year should I go after. I have a crf450r that is my primary bike and I want this cr as my second bike. So I am looking for a cheaper bike and I don't care if I have to redo some things on it. What would you guys recommend for me to get. I have never had a 2 stroke before and I really want one. So help me out with you advice. Thanks in advance.
  11. ok thanks I think Ill check with fox and some others anymore you guys think of just shout it out.
  12. I am taking an introductional entrepreneural class at Miami Unversity. I have to interview an entrepreneur and since I love riding dirtbikes and quads, I am looking to interview someone in the industry that started a business. If anyone knows of anybody that I could contact, I would appreciate it. Some of the questions will be things like this. REQUIRED QUESTIONS – INTERVIEW WITH AN ENTREPRENEUR 1. Briefly, what did you do before joining this venture? 2. Have you been involved in other business start-ups? If so, please describe your experiences. Were these ventures launched by entrepreneurial teams? 3. Do you consider this venture to be “high technology”? Why or why not? 4. How did you come to identify this market opportunity? Looking back, what role did your prior experiences and background play in the identification of the opportunity? 5. Did you pursue this venture alone or with an entrepreneurial team? Why? a. If with a team, could you describe your relationship with each person on the team prior to them joining the venture? b. How did you go about trying to identify potential team members? To what extent did you engage in an exhaustive search? c. Could you describe for me what your ideal team member would be like? Of these criteria, are there any that were absolutely essential? Are there criteria that are “nice to have” but not really required? 6. Thinking back to the start-up, what were the most critical resources you needed to pursue this venture? Were there any critical resources you needed that you didn’t personal have access to? (Probes: specific skills, knowledge, financial capital, etc.) 7. Did you consider including family or close friends in this venture? Why or why not? In what roles? 8. Prior to building this venture, to what extent did you consider yourself an entrepreneur? 9. Could you describe some of your most significant challenges or hurdles in building this venture? Have you ever had mixed feelings about being an entrepreneur? 10. Having been through the process yourself, what advice would you give to someone who is thinking about becoming an entrepreneur?
  13. nvrstsfd23

    My thoughts on Red Bull Last Man Standing

    whens it air again my cable messed up and didn't tape it right.
  14. yeah definitely check it over real well for any hidden damage that you might not see at first.
  15. nvrstsfd23


    seems mostly a question of committment