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    Diesel versus Gasoline Economics

    Thats impressive. Here is what I've noticed on all the trucks we've run. 04 6.0L ford, 16mpg stock, 12mpg with 40inch tires, 13.5 mpg with 40inch tires and an Edge Juice box. Intake/Exhaust 04 6.0L ford, same 16mpg, with 38's and a Banks six gun 14mpg. towing was down around 11. Intake/exhaust 97 7.3L Ford, Stock 5 spd manual, 16-18mpg combine city and town 14-15 towing. 96 7.3L Ford, Stock, auto. 14-16mpg city and town, 13mpg towing. 01 Dmax 15.5-17, completely stock 04 dmax 15-18, stock 95 dodge 3500 TWO WHEEL DRIVE 19.5-23mpg 450 rearwheel horsepower. Intake, Exhaust, Pump modifications, Injectors. 00 dodge 2500 17-22mpg 400 RWHP. 01 dodge 2500 17-21mpg 550rwhp. 13.03 1/4mile @ 103. All #2 single turbo. 01 dodge 2500 H.O. bone stock 23mpg freeway. 15 towing 25' gooseneck stock trailer. 01 dodge, 2500 H.O. 4in, intake, manual throttle cable. this guy thinks he can hit 30mpg at about 46-48mph. We'll see how that goes. 06 dodge, 2500 stock 12-14mpg. 8-9 towing 26ft. tow hauler. Don't know what it gets with the new tires yet. 37's 06 dodge, 2500 12-14 stock 17 with Exhaust intake and TST PMCR. These are just some numbers I've seen. Congrats to the guy with the 6.0L getting 22mpg though, I've never met anyone else getting that. But its probably the tuning and running small tires. These are just some numbers I've seen. A lot of people I talk to get a diesel thinking it will be great milage and they turn out being dissapointed. Tuning definitely helps, but the amount of Fuel you can buy for the cost of setting you truck up, is definitely not worth it. If you want power, tune the truck and enjoy the added luxury of increased milage, but don't buy products to get milage. Anyways, I've seen a lot of people that expect to get 20mpg, and that doesn't happen that often, especially not if you have a heavy foot. Sean
  2. sstockton

    Diesel versus Gasoline Economics

    I've seen an 89 dodge 5spd diesel, all original except the trans was rebuilt at 655K, the truck now has over 880K. It is out of tennesse and the first 575k of its life it was used as a commercial truck for hauling livestock from Kansas to Virgina. Milage is not a big issue with a diesel. I've seen numerous dodges in the mid to high 200k range and non of them seem to have much of a problem. I'm in the diesel performance industry and I can tell you that power and longevity are all there to be had, but I'll also tell you that if you go buy a new dodge diesel tomorrow, you will be thoroughly disappointed with the milage. We are currently running 3 06's and only one of them gets 17mpg, and that has a chip, exhaust and intake, already about 2k invested. The other two get 14mpg on a good day, and about 9-10mpg towing a 26' TH. My 00 24v. with many modifications gets about 22mpg going 65 on the freeway. If you want a truck that will last and get great milage, buy an 01-02 dodge H.O., the high output only comes in a six speed, and has a shimmed down injection pump and bumped up compression, resulting in approximately 23mpg at 65mph in stock trim. I know a couple people running these trucks, and with a timing box, exhaust and an intake they can get about 25mpg. That is the only way it is worth it. Unless you tow heavy, or rack up miles. Me I run about 40k a year, and tow a backhoe as well as stock trailers. I just like having something that has 530hp at the crank and gets 22mpg. In short, be prepared to be disappointed with your milage if you buy a brandnew diesel. Thats just a word of warning, it sucks spending 50k and then ending up with something that sucks fuel too. Sean
  3. sstockton

    Which truck?

    I've seen some really good deals on Fords. I was looking at new and used diesels at dealerships, and of course they always try to sell you something on the lot, and 1 guy tried to sell me a 2wd short bed f150. With my little story aside, it only had 70-80k or something and was about 6500 bucks, in good shape. If I didn't need a 4x4 3/4ton I would've been all over it. So they are out there, and not that expensive. I'd say look for a 1/2 ton, fleet pickup. We've had good luck with those. Actually picked up an f150 with 30k for 8grand some years ago. So thats probably your best bet.
  4. sstockton

    New Toyota FJ soming soon

    A buddy of mine does the ride and drive programs linking the Dealers with the auto manufacturers before the product is offically released to the public for sale. He just got back from doing the new FJ in las vegas, said it was pretty cool. Being an Avid off roader, he said in stock trim it needs some things to make it really capable, but ARB and Donahoe racing already have winch bumpers lockers and a lift kit for it, and with that it wheels quite well. Another note, the FJ did make it through the Rubicon in stock trim, but apparently it took about 3 days. His opinion is that it is an all around great looking vehicle, that works well and with very few mods will be quite capable. I'd give you my opinion, but I don't have much experience with them yet. Seems pretty cool though. Sean
  5. sstockton


    We, I mean the collective we, My dad my brother and I, have had 4 diesels and still currently have three. the only one that has been sold was my 2 wheel drive dodge 12valve, (replaced with a Dodge 24valve 4x4). The fords, we have are a '96 with an auto and a '95 with a stick both 4x4 extended cab. The auto gets about 15mpg and the stick gets about 17mpg, these are just averages overall around town and freeway, with a light foot. My 12valve dodge got about 19.8 average, and my 24valve get about 17.7 average. With all that said, we beat our trucks pretty hard, doing ranch and farm work. The Dodges seem to hold up better. My brothers '96 just needed a water pump and glow plugs, and some other things totaling about 1k. and my dads truck had the injection system go out, that was almost 5k so we replaced the motor for 10k. We also needed a bunch of front end work on his truck almost 1500 worth. The dodges I have put over 150k on without any problems, this is with the truck turned up to almost 400hp. This is just my experience though. If you want a '96 7.3L that is actually in really sharp shape (this is the one truck that doesn't really get worked), with a new water pump and glow plugs, my brother is probably selling his soon, to buy a dodge diesel. Sean
  6. Yeah, I haven't heard too much good about the 6.5L chevy. If you aren't in a new price range or then you definitely aren't in a duramax price range. As far as used goes, I've had two dodges and a ford diesel. They have all held up impressively, non of them are anything close to quite, and straight pipes don't help, but I don't care. In my experience they have both held up well other than that, and I'd say nix the 6.5L but any other diesel will be a great truck as long as it has the other things you want on it, and is in good shape. Any truck that hasn't been maintained won't last no matter what it is. But yes the PSD 7.3L's hold up fine. Steer clear of the early 6.0L fords, I don't know about the 05's and 06's but 03-04 everyone I've come across has had issues.
  7. This is in regards to the Hummer, being beat on. I had an uncle that ran a motor pool for the national gaurd, and he wasn't super thrilled with the hummer's reliability. He said that they were always replacing parts on them. In fact he had to request several extra vehicles so that he could in a sense give the troops a loaner car while their usual hummer was getting repaired. But I've gotta say i've done some work with hummer not much but a little, and those things can take more of a beating than I can dish out. But its hard for 25 guys to break 38 06 H1 alphas in a weekend. I think we only did one in.
  8. Don't take this the wrong way at all, but where do you come up with this. You sound like a rocket scientist. You lost me at angular loading. Anyways, keep up the good work and arguing guys its entertaining. I love my dodge diesel, but my eye is wondering. I'm starting to look at the Dmax's and I think I saw one looking back.
  9. sstockton


    yeah thats what I figured, this is the first forum that I have had a problem with it on, so that is why I was surprised. when I sold my truck I only got scammers replying through craigslist, not TDR. So for some reason I had the notion that forums might not have so many annoyances. Not that its the big, but it is still extra junk mail.
  10. sstockton


    I was wondering, if people ever see atempts at frauds and scams through the classifieds on this page. I am just wondering, because on some sites I have seen scams, involving some one from an unspecified location trying to purchase a bike via cashiers check, get you to ship it, and then cancel the check, or it is counterfeit. I recieved an email today that regarding a bike I have posted, that ressmbled one of these. I'm not try to slander or hurt anyone, so I wont name names, but I'm just looking out for myself. Has anyone heard of something like this. Thanks, Sean.
  11. If you are still looking, I would go for it. I had a dually 4x2, it was a dodge, but I didn't find that it got any worse fuel economy 23.4best and 21.3 average doing the math. I also have a 7.3 PSD it does alright towing, I liked the Cummins better. The truck will tow better than an excursion, plus if you pick up a 5er you can pull it too. Anyways, I'd say do it. My PSD gets about 16.5-19.0 normal unloaded, depending on the way my foot feels. And about 13-14 towing. So yeah, you'll be happy with it.
  12. What rear end, do you have? And what tranny?, I know they make one for the Sticks and the Auto's, but I haven't met anyone running on in an auto yet. I'd like to hear on that before I get one, but I still might. Sean
  13. What are the free mods to a Dmax, I know the dodge ones but not the Dmax. Anyways, yes a box(chip) can greatly improve fuel milage, if you drive with your foot out of it. I've noticed on my diesels, I have a PSD and I'm on my second dodge( the 4x2 couldn't stay) that a chip and injectors really help, doing the math. The chip or box, when left on stage 1(this is referencing and Edge drag comp for the dodge) is doing strictly timing changes, it delays the fuel pump timing by about 3.5degrees, so it injects at closer to TDC. The injectors improve MPG because of optimized spray angles and increased atomization. Granted if you put your foot in it, you will notice a dramatic decrease in fuel economy. My dodge with a turned up fuel pump and injectors, Dynod 407hp to the ground and I generally get about 19.6-21.4 on the freeway at 60-65. The best so far is 23.4 doing the math. Back to the original post, Transferflow, out of chico california, I believe makes auxilary fuel tanks. http://www.transferflow.com/. Consider doing some mods, and going easy on the skinny pedal.
  14. sstockton

    Dodge vs Ford

    Sorry I lied every one, this is a public Apology. I'm a jerk. Anyways all I really wanted to say was I like my cummins better than My PSD. Better power, and better fuel economy. Side note to chevy cowboy. I trust the people that tell me things, maybe they don't take the time to properly do their research, however I trust them and I don't worry about backing up what they say, because they are so convinced. So I guess I'm going to do the same thing here and believe you, even though you haven't given any proof. Not saying its not true, just saying I'll believe you, for the same reason I believed them.