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  1. Took off my rear sprocket the other day to find that instead of a 58 i had a 53 on the rear I was just wondering where you would find a 53 or wha bike it came off of. I already have the 58 on the way so I thought it was very strange that no company seems to make a 53 that would fit my 225
  2. a TTR-250 or a WR-250 would be great although I'm not sure how loud the WR is
  3. Would a front and rear fender from a YZ250F fit on a TTR-225 I know I would probly have to make some mods on the plastics I just really dont like the front and rear fender off my 225 any help is appreciated
  4. I just got a Powercore 4 for my TTR-225 and I was just wondering about how many decibels does it run at and do I need to rejet
  5. I was just wondering how much of a difference I would see in a '03 TTR-250 and my '00 TTR-225 in terms if suspention, power and weight
  6. I was just wondering if any of you guys knew where I could order a new carb for my '00 ttr-225 either 34mm or 36mm. thanks for your help
  7. the pw 80 is a good biek fro a kid there have a low seat height
  8. 14 in the front 10 in the back
  9. This exatct same thing happend to me a wile back it took four hours but with a hammer and a screwdriver i got er done
  10. crf or the yz but id have to go with the yz because im a yamy guy and the annivirsary edition plastics are sweet
  11. mother of god thats the price haha you could buy to cr 85s for that
  12. Did any of you guys hear of a crf 250jr its like a 250 engine in a cr 85 frame i think it was in a dirt rider a few monthes ago?
  13. My friend has a '98 250 fourtrax I like it they are tiugh as nail and day we told him to rum over 3.5 inch thick trees and he was like those arnt to big so he got a big lead then ran over them backed up and ran over them again.he drives it like a total retard and it has givin him to much trouble
  14. Thats pretty mean lookin
  15. I dont know I was thinking of doing the same thing