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  1. KawiTillDeath

    EVS RC-Evolution

    we got a few of these evs braces into the store i work at...we all were very dissapointed in them...they are pretty much a glorified neck dounut...id rather just pay 30 bucks for a regular dounut than 170 for one with a lil chinsy platic around the sides not only were we dissapoionted in the make..but the functionality of it...we alll tried it on and put helmets on...did they design this thing to allow your head to not go backwards but go extremely far forwards?? not to knock EVS's attempt...but i believe they have just about failed ill still with my Leatt..proven day in and day out
  2. KawiTillDeath

    I wanna go fast like this guy.

    kids and 450s dont mix
  3. KawiTillDeath

    i know im going to get killed..

    its a motocross bike..it was never intended..nor will ever be intended to achieve a high top speed in a straight line..thats not the whole point of MX racing...thats why they make street bikes.. i your so worried about top speed..just go buy yourself a street bike or a 450..then you'll go plenty fast
  4. KawiTillDeath

    EVS brace vs Leatt brace

    leatt..total adjustablility..EVS=none.. leatt to me seems to be the more logical choice..but i can also afford one..but if i couldnt..i think i still might save for a few more weeks to get a leatt
  5. KawiTillDeath

    quick question..

    thats what i thought to..but someone told me that it lowered it a bit to make the back end squat more..i was just trying to figure it out cause im having my suspension redone by FC and i wanted to let them know that ill be using that linkage
  6. KawiTillDeath

    anyone ever seen a jack daniels bike?

    Jack graphics sounds like a damn cool idea to me!..haha..if i saw a girl reppin a JD bike..i would deff like to meet her
  7. KawiTillDeath

    quick question..

    how much does the PC linkage lower the back end?? thanks guys
  8. KawiTillDeath

    How many sets of gear do you have?

    2 thor sets..2 fox sets..1 kawasaki set..1 msr set..3 helmets..and about 8 goggles...o and prolly like 15 pairs of racin socks
  9. KawiTillDeath

    CTI2 braces how do i get them?

    i have a ruptured ACL and a torn lateral miniscus..so i was precribed a CTi2 knee brace so i could race..and to tell ya the truth..i thought it was great when i got it..but after 2 seasons..its a peice of crap now!!..i sent it back over winter for its yearly tune up..and the first race after i got it back..i broke off the plastic peice on the hinge..it rips through my pants and into my seats like crazy...it dosent even stay still on my leg anymore..it just moves around...and it was custom fitted to my leg! im done with this brace..im getting a set of asterik cells..so many people have said they are much better
  10. KawiTillDeath

    ANother Leatt imitation

    the back spine support is like..straight as an arrow?
  11. KawiTillDeath

    pics of my bike with what i got for x mas

    nice bike..but just a suggestion..ditch the stainless steel oil filter..they are garbage..you cant ever get them fully clean enough..stick with the paper ones..sooo much better..down at work we have a stainless steel filter that came out of a bike and its full of metal shavings that wont come out..we keep it by the register to show people before they even think about getting one..
  12. pressure washer works great...especially when you have more than 1 bike to wash everytime you ride!!..i still scrub though to get the tough stuff off
  13. KawiTillDeath

    Your other ride..

    VERY nice cobra..im a huge fan of mustangs...i just got mine back in august..parents bought it for me..i plan on getting the 2009 mustang GT when it comes out..its going to be a completely new body style:thumbsup:
  14. KawiTillDeath

    Your other ride..

    so what do you guys use for you daily toy/driver...when im not riding my bikes i got this 2006 Mustang:applause: http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b232/KawiTillDeath/100_4875.jpg http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b232/KawiTillDeath/100_4873.jpg http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b232/KawiTillDeath/mycar3.jpg
  15. KawiTillDeath

    OK GUYS need Your help where to get all The trickest stuff

    well i dont know if you were refering to me..but i have swapped my 250f suspension to my 450..and it bolts right up no problem