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  1. DID 520 gold chain w/ Sunstar sprockets.............
  2. $6900 trade in on 04 crf250r they are giving me 2400 for my 250 so after taxes n all ill have to pay for 4800
  3. buy some acerbis rally pro hand guards.i put them on the minute i got the bike and they rock
  4. i run a bridgestone m402 120/ rub. i hill climb in the badlands.its super dry and i get damn good traction
  5. try puttin the stock needle back in.i have an 04 and it did the same thing.i had an fmf jet kit and i put the stock needle back in and its fine
  6. rocket exhaust full race series unique sound and pulls hard
  7. freat news i found the problem! this winter i bought an FMF jet kit. i installed the FMF needle on the third clip. ran great all spring till it got hot out in the badlands. i tried all sorts of jetting and needle placements and nothing helped. i called interlakes sprotcenter in madison, SD and talked to Matt Anson and he said to try putting the stock needle back in and now it runs like a champ!
  8. my right intake clearance is at .006. i kow that the specs are + or - .001. but my bike blubbers and spudders a bit sometimes while hill climbing and while going down straightaways. i changed the main jet to a 160 and it helped the bike a out a lot but i still have that studder. also when i climb a washout and i ramp the top and land, it bogs and wants to kill. Is this a carb or valve problem?please help!!! my exhaust valves are right on.
  9. i bought a set of pro circuit springs. they seemed to help out pretty nice. i think they should be good since they run about 55 bucks
  10. a toned down version of a pro circuit ti-4
  11. i recently purchased a rocket exhaust race system. its lighter than the stock system. it has a unique sound also. it adds somewhere around three horse and three ft-lbs. the price is pretty respectable from my point of view....$500 from the fit of the system was really nice also. the muffler and mid pipe swivle real nice and the header has a tight fit slide over the mid pipe and it doesnt leak at all. it comes with two different end caps-similar to a white bros system.
  12. i am going to buy a rocket exhaust full race system.$500 off of supposed to save weight, add 3 hp and 3 ft/lbs of torque. i will let everyone know how it is when i get it installed.
  13. boyesen quick shot,black pro wheels, soon to be rocket exhaust,flatland rad guards, uni filter, zip ty fuel screw, pro circuit clutch springs, acerbis rally pro hand guards, devol skid plate
  14. truing is tightening them up. you do this so its near perfect so there is no wheel wobble, rim bending, or even wheels exploding.
  15. i have black pro wheels on mine. i laced mine myself and had a dealorship true them. they look real nice too. the only thing we noticed during the truing process was where the rim is welded together it has sort of a flat spot. maybe thats what you get for $150 rims. idk. i always check my spokes often. they have never given me a problem at all.