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  1. Starter just spins most of the time and does not turn over the engine, is this a bendix problem? 2012 250 XC
  2. HGaither1

    2012 250 XC fork oil ?

    The only video I can find of Slavens is a 2009 model fork which is not the same.
  3. HGaither1

    2012 250 XC fork oil ?

    Just replaced the left side seal and need to know how much oil to put back in. Does the oil stay in the closed chamber? If so I would think I could add 365 cc. Would this be correct?
  4. A friend has a bike that was sold to him as a 450 but I believe it could be a 310. The vin is ZKHTX3134DV000124. Does the 313 stand for 310?
  5. HGaither1

    250XC weight loss

    How much weight can you lose by dropping the starter and battery, etc. Anyone done it and weighed the bike?
  6. I have not had any luck with brake pads. It seems like every one I try either overheats, gets grabby or don't stop at all. Admittedly I am a brake dragger, but I do have the pedal adjusted down all the way and I tried using Motul brake fluid. Anyone have any good solutions?
  7. HGaither1

    Rivet style master link?

    Or just buy a link with a clip for about $5 or less.
  8. HGaither1

    Rivet style master link?

    First of all, I hate the rivet on links. But yes it can be done. Just find a heavy piece of metal to go behind the link, clamp the link on with some thin vise grip pliers or something and go to hammering on the pins. I know there will be people that will say it wont work but I did it on a YZ450F and it does work . Once you get the end of the pin spread a little it's not coming off. It just takes a little patience.
  9. HGaither1

    Thoughts on cylinder sleeves

    I had a KX 100 sleeved and it worked out great. It can also be rebored.
  10. HGaither1

    So I got a wild hair up my...

    Might just be me , but I recently rode a bunch of bikes at a demo ride. The 350 felt a little heavier and a little slower than the XC-W 250 and XC-W 300.
  11. HGaither1

    Grooving or notching rear pads to reduce heat

    I replaced the fluid with Motul 5.1 and I could not tell any difference.
  12. Is it better to cut grooves or just remove a section of the rear pads to reduce heat. I am using EBC sintered pads now and the heat is terrible. I completely lost the brakes for a while in my last HS race. They also squeak horribly. I have tried the carbon pads but the lifespan is very short.
  13. HGaither1

    which pv spring for most low end?

    What color comes stock?
  14. HGaither1

    250xc vs. 250xcw (2t)

    Well if you race only harescrambles the XCW would be an excellent choice. As well as a very good all around trail bike.
  15. HGaither1

    250xc vs. 250xcw (2t)

    I have a 12 XC 250 and just bought my son a 13 XC-W which I have ridden once. I like the XC , especially if you do any MX at all. However after riding my son's XC-W it seemed perfect emediately. I was riding in fairly open rough trails that I know well but it almost made me wish I had bought the XC-W for myself. I don't think you can go wrong either way but the XC-W is awesome. I did have to add a larger rear sprocket to the XC but the W will not need one. The W suspension also felt a little plusher than the XC even after I have been playing with my clickers for a year.